The Brewers’ Tale

April 18, 2008
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Slouching on a futon in the middle of a Monday afternoon. Half-watching “The Royal Tenenbaums.” Pawing at a half-eaten bag of lime-flavored Tostitos on the table. On one side of the room, Dan Frank ’10 – wearing a torn ski team T-shirt and »

Oscar Predictions

February 22, 2008
These are the Oscars that almost weren’t. When February rolled around, the paralyzing writer’s strike was still grasping Hollywood in its grimy talons. Thankfully, a last-minute deal saved the Super Bowl of the Entertainment World. The hideous outfits? The long-winded acceptance speeches? The awkward presenter pairings? All saved. After the pathetic excuse of a Golden »

Brit Brit births miracle album

November 2, 2007
A lot has changed since November 2003, when Britney Spears last released an album of all new material. When “In the Zone” came out, Spears was still at the top of her game: hot magazine cover (“Rolling Stone”), hot single (“Toxic”), hot friends (Madonna). Since then, though, the star of America’s First Pop Princess has »

My so-called sex life

February 10, 2006
Some aspects of sex at Yale aren’t that complicated. Looking for a hookup? “All you have to do is go to Toad’s on a Saturday night,” said Kasdin Miller ’07, president of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. “It’s easy.” Despite this tried-and-true formula for a late-night rendezvous, other facets of sex at Yale need further »

If you plant it, they will eat.

September 9, 2005
Rather than distributing flyers, Yale paraphernalia or safe-sex manuals, the Yale Sustainable Food Project bribed incoming freshmen with a different sort of offering: ripe cherry tomatoes. And not just freshmen were drawn to the small, ruby red bounty. The produce distributors managed to temporarily distract both Yale College Dean Peter Salovey and President Richard Levin »

Former Elis touch down in the NFl

April 8, 2005
As your teaching assistant drones on about political philosophy, your mind wanders to a massive football stadium in Florida on a clear, cool evening. It’s fourth and goal with 10 seconds left in the Super Bowl. The deafening roar of the crowd blocks out any other sound … and then you snap out of it, »

Get your break on … on the cheap

March 4, 2005
During the spring break of 2003, Alistair Anagnostou ’05 went rock climbing outside of Las Vegas, sleeping at a campsite for $10 a night. But when he returned to Nevada the following year, he decided $10 per night was $10 too much. To further cut costs, Anagnostou found places to sleep off to the side »

Weekend forecast: wintry mix of art

January 21, 2005
With the furniture moved out, the lights turned off and dance music playing, the Silliman College common room resembled a scene out of a New York fashion show. As the models sauntered down the striking white runway bordered with bright footlights, Brynne Lieb ’07 began to tear up. A young model whipped by, wearing a »

Take a trip to the beach (of Silliman)

November 12, 2004
After climbing the small staircase up to the attic and opening the door, which any casual passerby would assume was locked, Russell Eida ’05 finally made his way to the rooftop oasis known as the Silliman Beach. Over the course of a year living in the tower just below the large rooftop, Eida had become »

Bright lights, big city: Get on the road

October 22, 2004
Yalies like to complain about New Haven. Sure, it’s got its shops, restaurants and an IKEA only 10 minutes away, but, well, that’s about it. Thankfully, two nearby metropolitan meccas — Boston and New York — offer lots of opportunities for amusement, diversion and excitement. There’s just one catch: you have to find a way »