Measure for Measure

When Justice Flees and Dystopia Takes Over: Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’

September 28, 2012
One of the delights (or disappointments) in watching a Shakespeare play is seeing how far the production will stretch the limits of the original version. With just the text and a sampling of stage directions, the production faces a wealth of decisions: stay classic and keep it naked of ornamentation, or invest in the set, »

Come for the oysters, stay for the good deals

September 21, 2012
When you enter the Naked Oyster Cocktail Eatery at 200 Crown St., you might mistake it for yet another bar trying to be trendy in the late-night scene of downtown New Haven. The lounge chairs, curtains, loud music, and dim lighting look like any other after-9 p.m. spot featuring overpriced cocktails and pea-sized servings. However, »
Recognize the girl on the right? That's Allison Williams '10, who stars in the new HBO series "Girls."

Just close enough to home

April 13, 2012
If you are a 20-something college grad, or soon to be one, HBO’s much hyped new series “Girls” will probably hit quite close to home. The pilot opens with executive producer, writer, director and lead star Lena Dunham in the role of Hannah — a writer two years out of college with an unpaid internship, »
There were two Durang shorts — but this picture displays only one.

“Two Durang Shorts” brings the sitcom laughs

April 6, 2012
If short sitcoms are your style, you’ll have no lack of laughs at “Two Durang Shorts” in the tiny yet contained JE theater. “Two Durang Shorts” one a parody, one a sitcom, oddly pair together to provide a full hour of attempted hilarity. The first delivers better if you have seen Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass »