Learning to choose.

Sparrow 780F-4

January 24, 2014
Most sentient beings seek some sense of stability, searching for homes, carving out spaces for themselves. The Taínos settled in the island of Hispaniola. Your pet dog has a favorite ottoman, just like you have a favorite cubicle in the library. The alpha wolf marks his territory of choice with urine. I paint my bedroom “Sparrow” — a light-medium gray, eggshell finish, mauve in some lights, periwinkle in others.
You can't just join in.


November 21, 2013
Americans love sports. They don their paraphernalia — a cap, a hoodie, a proof of fandom — and sit on a couch to have one-sided conversations with their television screens. They frequent stadiums to enjoy the action mere feet away, to relax, not relax, revel in the crowd. They get their fix, paradoxically enough, by creating their own fantasy teams, virtual fiefdoms in which the average father of four can concoct and manage a perfect roster of players built from real-life athletes. They cheer, jeer, cry, harangue, fill the taverns to celebrate a victory, take to the same taverns to mourn a defeat. No matter the outcome, pride for the sports junkie, in all its expressions, becomes a take-no-prisoners mentality, a stimulant and a shield.
Leonel Fernandez at the OECD.

LEONEL FERNÁNDEZ: Former president, pragmatist, book enthusiast

April 12, 2013
This semester, the Yale Chubb Fellowship — the University’s most prestigious visiting speaker series — invited the former President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Antonio Fernández Reyna, to visit campus to meet and speak with members of the Latino diaspora and the overall Yale community. WEEKEND sat down for an exclusive one-on-one with Fernández, to discuss and reflect on his 12 years in office, his views on the future of Latin America and his expansive reading list.

The Renaissance President

September 14, 2012
Looking up at the Yale University Art Gallery, it’s hard to tell the campus skyline has changed. But when its renovations are formally unveiled this December, an additional floor will open at the top of the building. The new fourth-floor mezzanine will house the Jane and Richard C. Levin Teaching Gallery, a space for rotating »
Behold, the panopticon of the citizenry.

SEE-CLICK-FIX: For citizens, for New Haven, for Yalies?

September 7, 2012
It all started with graffiti on a wall. Ben Berkowitz, a New Haven native, noticed it on the side of his neighbor’s building. He called City Hall to file his complaint. “At some point in the phone call, I realized there was no way to connect,” he said. As a new way to cut through »
Lots of LUX.

Not Just Your Lux or My Veritas

August 31, 2012
How much do you think you know about your alma mater? So you can sing all the lyrics of “Bright College Years.” Check. You found your way around the Science Hill. Four checks for you, Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco. You have mastered how to respectfully walk out of class during shopping period. CHECK! »
Verlyn Klinkenborg.

Verlyn Klinkenborg: writer, farming buff, master of sentences

August 31, 2012
What are you thinking about? Ruminate; write about anything. Such is the bold directive steering Verlyn Klinkerborg’s unique course this semester, “The Genre of the Sentence.” A member of the New York Times Editorial Board, he invites his students to express themselves unbound by any expected convention. As Klinkenborg (call him Verlyn) mentioned during his »

I’mma Buy U a Backlash

April 26, 2012
While you and your biffles lost yourselves, your phones and your self-worth within the mud pit that is Old Campus during Spring Fling, others probably plugged their ears to block out the unwanted noise.

No turning back

April 20, 2012
The return to New Haven fast approaches. It’s that time. My gap year must end, preparations must be set in motion, summer must come. The days are getting longer after all. My thoughts rest on a nostalgic plinth these days. The months have passed at a brisk pace: work-stuff, school-learning, soul-searching, clarity-seeking and sun-basking soaked »

Me against the music

April 7, 2012
Some of my friends/housemates/musical cognoscenti (who for the purposes of this column, I will collectively refer to as Latrice Royale) accuse me of liking and listening to the same six songs over and over again. Despite my many attempts at disproving them, the allegation is accurate. A few caveats for the sake of feeble redemption: »

YOUR SPRING BREAK IS OVER (and so is your childhood)

March 24, 2012
This past week no one asked me about my spring break. For starters, I technically have no vacations at all. “But Jordi, isn’t a gap year, like, 12 whole months of pure recess?” No! While I do get some time to sunbathe on weekdays, I still work, take classes and learn new languages (eu estou »

Life after Yale: The Roads Less Traveled

March 2, 2012
Yalies who opt to go abroad after graduation do so after accepting and understanding the risks inherent in their personal choices. What remains a little tricky is pinpointing the common denominator anchoring their experiences, what ultimate set of values determines their decision to pursue (or not to pursue) the alternative.