It’s a bitter pill, and you don’t have to take it

September 17, 2004
Ahoy, matey! This Halloween, there will likely be more pirates than usual walking the streets. Wearing patches (but not the eye kind) and rings (but not ear kind), you’ll probably have difficulty distinguishing these pirates from the usual rabble of cheerleaders and sexy secretaries that tend to litter campus on Halloween. That’s because these pirate’s »

Yale dorms redefine the term ‘microbrewery’

April 16, 2004
“Dog Collar Ale” did not turn out the way it was supposed to. Something went wrong. It might have been during the half-hour cooling process, or perhaps had to do with the constant temperature changes in Matt Nicholas’ Rosenfeld Hall dorm room. Or, it could have been the fruit flies. They definitely could have contributed. »

School of Art thesis show paints a pretty picture

April 9, 2004
She’s an integral piece of American legend, her image tattooed in our minds: Jackie O., lady of fashion and grace with her pink skirt-suit and pill-box hat, as close to royalty as our country ever got. In his exhibit currently on display in Green Hall, Ain Cocke ART ’04 tweaks that image of Jacqueline Kennedy, »

Crossing genres, ‘Deadwood’ dominates

March 26, 2004
Make no mistake: The only similarity between HBO’s new drama “Deadwood” and the network’s recently retired hit “Sex and the City” is the characters’ predilection for words referring to male genitalia. New York was once a rough and tumble town, but if Carrie Bradshaw and her posse of gossipy girlfriends were to face-off with Deadwood’s »

Vive le Montreal, les bonne temps

March 5, 2004
Like a flock of birds, college students on spring break instinctively escape the frozen tundra of the northeast and head south to tropical climes. This is a perfectly reasonable, albeit lobotomized, decision, even if you take into account seasonal rate hikes and the very high probability of a Carson Daly sighting. But those wayward geese »

On Shabbat, Yalies find home away from home

February 20, 2004
When the dining hall fare becomes dreary, Yale gentiles have a tendency to turn to the Jews. And when Slifka becomes boring with the same old crowd, even the Jews want to get their gefilte fish somewhere with a little more kick. For a growing community of Yale undergraduates, the end of the week means »

Art, out of Africa

January 30, 2004
has always dreamed of Africa. While other boys wanted to become fire fighters or astronauts, Lamp imagined himself traveling to the exciting and romanticized continent of which his missionary high school teachers spoke. Their tales of Africa were fantastic, albeit distorted.Frederick Lamp GRD ’82 “I’d seen African art on travel posters and it fascinated me,” »

No cheats, no codes, it’s only raw skill: pro gaming

January 23, 2004
There are many activities that, in a different world, would be considered sports. Channel flipping, for one, has quite a bit of potential: it takes a strong thumb and a keen eye to flick past “Ricki Lake” and “Days of Our Lives,” to navigate your little ship to the isle of “Queer Eye.” In such »

Blah, blah, blog: anyone can read, anything and everything

January 16, 2004
RuPaul, America’s favorite drag-diva, had a cold last week that left his “poor nose-e-poo” raw. Hillary Duff, teen diva of the nanosecond, is a fan of the triple exclamation!!! And Eliana Johnson ’06, alias “Yale Diva,” thinks Howard Dean is a “bumbling idiot.” How do I know all of this diva-licious trivia? Why, daahhling, I’ve »

How many licks?

October 10, 2003
Forget the dot-com bubble, and forget the Backstreet Boys: 1998 was the year of the blowjob. America’s Oral Stage, as Freud might diagnose it, arrived with all the trappings of a political scandal. Monica Lewinsky, Kenneth Starr and the infamous blue dress blew up and then faded into the realm of Internet joke Web sites. »

Frazier ’03 promotes ‘Queer’

October 3, 2003
When a New Haven resident uttered this phrase at the hearing on domestic partnerships in March, it received a standing ovation. The handful of white students sat tensely, while the predominantly black residents rose like a wall behind them, clapping and shouting. “Don’t you remember the Civil Rights Movement, when there were people marching the »

For some grads, marriage a la Yale

September 26, 2003
Hypochondriacs, beware: There’s something dangerous in the air in Linsley-Chittenden Hall. There were traces of it floating around in 1990 when Ryan Craig ’94 met Yahlin Chang ’94 in their freshman year English 129 class. Four years later, Craig, then a freshman counselor, probably passed the air-born infection to Crisco del Valle ’97, one of »