Slam poetry has ‘Pulse’ at Yale

February 25, 2005
This weekend’s spoken word extravaganza, “Pulse,” sponsored by the Asian-American Students Alliance, will be all about defying expectations and stereotypes. While your previous experience with poetry out loud may only be your tweedy English professor hacking out Milton in front of the class, the emerging and popular spoken word circuit is working to change that »

‘Vagina’ caps off V-Week

February 11, 2005
The word “vagina” elicits reactions that run the gamut from squeamishness to embarrassment to disgust. However, this weekend’s production of the “Vagina Monologues” reclaims the word for women. Through stories, humor, tears and occasional (even multiple) orgasms, the characters proudly imbue the word “vagina” with pleasure, power and, yes, fun. Clad in stunning red dresses »

Women’s Center exhibit explores ideas of gender

January 21, 2005
It’s always gratifying to come across art that both aesthetically moving and thought-provoking. Tess Korobkin’s ’06 art show “Imaging Femininity/Imagining Feminism” effortlessly seams together the division between activism and art. The exhibit calls into question previous aesthetic notions of femininity, gender performance, female corporeality, and race. Korobkin’s show focuses on various forms of expression with »

Students hope to light up Broadway

January 14, 2005
The road to Broadway is never an easy one, but Yalies are not known for backing down from a challenge. And indeed, a group of Yalies are taking a “long shot at a big dream,” in the words of Christopher Sanderson DRA ’05, the director and producer of the new play “The Parlor Game.” Written »

Diving into the Yale theater scene

December 3, 2004
I came to Yale largely because of its illustrious theater reputation. As a critic, I’ve had the chance to review Yale theater ranging from Sudler shows to professional productions at the Yale Repertory Theater, and I’ve concluded that theater here definitely doesn’t rest on its laurels. Talking to other students here made me realize that »

Yaledancers live up to reputation

November 12, 2004
In their polished, sexy, and sassy fall show, the Yaledancers maintain their reputation for high-caliber dance on campus. Running the gamut from hula to tap to classical ballet, the show represents a journey through various forms of physical expression, characterized by a common thread of precision and grace. The show opens with a whimsical tap »

DanceWorks proves fun and frisky romp

November 5, 2004
DanceWorks shows in their fall show that you don’t need professional training to shake your groove thang onstage. Ranging from those who have never danced before in their lives to more experienced dancers who prefer not to go through the process of auditioning, DanceWorks provides a forum for people to come together simply for their »

‘Guys and Dolls’ adds a modern twist to a classic

October 8, 2004
If one could gamble on a musical’s success, the Long Wharf Theatre season’s kick-off production of “Guys and Dolls” would be a sure bet. This musical theater staple is completely revitalized in Director Kim Rubinstein’s production. She’s whittled the traditionally flashy razzmatazz nature of the show down to its core. The show might best be »

Musical Theater loves Company

October 1, 2004
Finally, for the hordes of musical theater fans at Yale, prayers have been answered. Founded in 2003, the Yale Undergraduate Musical Theater Company (YUMTC) fills a niche in the Yale theater world that has sorely been lacking for years. Greg Edwards ’05 explained the impetus for creating the YUMTC. “The straw the broke the camel’s »

Now you can see art when you’re waiting for a checkup

September 10, 2004
A doctor’s office may seem to be one of the least likely places to pause and appreciate works of fine art, but the Yale Physicians Building Art Place, chock-full of works of art on every floor, is challenging the assumption that medical centers must be sterile and boring. The pieces run the gamut from oil »

YD show is fresh, fun throughout

April 23, 2004
The Yaledancers’ spring show might best be compared to a glass of champagne: fusing refreshing elegance with a sense of whimsicality and fun. While the group primarily focuses on ballet, jazz, and modern dance, Yaledancers proves their versatility as dancers, incorporating innovative new twists to classic forms in their spring show. The show is consistently »

RB show is hot, hot, hot

April 9, 2004
Hip-hop dance group Rhythmic Blue’s spring show, “Really Really Hott,” as a whole manages to clinch the “Hott” of their show title. Only minor tuning errors keep them from going over that edge to the “Really Really” zone. The word that best describes “Really Really Hott” would be energy. Lighting Designer Tory Phillips ’05 lit »