"The Communists had taken over only a few years before, and instead of living the lives of farmers, she and her two sons now lived as prisoners, held captive in a pagoda she had once visited for prayer."

The Sound of Our Children

February 8, 2013
The worst sound in the world, the woman told the room, isn’t the sound of your children crying out in pain. It’s the moment after, when the noise ends violently and abruptly. The silence is deafening when you’re straining so hard to hear.
"One house was strangely silent."

On Atrophy

October 19, 2012
The homes on Barbashela Drive looked full and festive that New Year’s Eve, with Christmas lights still draped on rooftop edges and wreathes still hanging from doors. Inside, families were watching Times Square festivities and making New Year’s resolutions. Some, drunk off the night and the wine, wandered outside to set off stockpiles of fireworks, »