Your culture is deceiving you

“Lift not the painted veil” — P.B. Shelley The world has always revolved with a certain stick in its axle. It is a phenomenon that is understandable only after the advanced observer harnesses a certain hardness of heart to the wanton callousness, ignorance, sloth, unfairness and greed that drives an economy of sadness and pain »

The little transgender mannequin that could

March 25, 2011
More “Toy Story” than Judith Butler, “TRANNEQUIN!” is a deliciously funny new musical conceived and created by a handful of “freshmen” from the Yale School of Drama running this weekend at the Yale Cabaret. The brainchild of the show’s cast and crew (but with a book and direction by Ethan Heard DRA ’13), “TRANNEQUIN!” tells »

Cuts and Incisions: Dr. Richard Selzer’s Double Life

March 3, 2011
As a point of clarification, the owner of the perpetually locked study carrel at the end of the hall in Bass Library is Dr. Richard Selzer. The “weenie bin” overflowing with piles and piles of paper even houses a small, white statue of an angel. If you’re one of those people that wishes they could »

The Sterling professors of Yale: evolution of a species

January 21, 2011
Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom is frail. After his son walks Bloom to WLH every Wednesday and Thursday, he sets up a video camera across the table to record his father’s seminar. Once the class is underway, Bloom periodically rises and stomps his feet, once every 30 minutes. It’s the ceremony of being »

Scene cover: Going into withdrawals

September 11, 2009
Late spring 2009, Pat Agnis ’11 withdrew from Yale. (Pat asked that we use a fictional name because she did not want to hurt her chances of readmission.) She had first considered leaving college over spring break but only tendered her official withdrawal a few days before reading period. Failing classes, far behind in distribution »

Fuhrer and Dockendorf: Poetry in pre-motion

April 24, 2009
Bulldog Days came and went, and we spent Bulldog Days ’09 reading, writing, whittlin’ and generally being miffed that DUH was out of the new glow-in-the-dark condoms. (Who’d want to choose abstinence when you can make your Dick Tao look like a light saber?) But now, after skimming through the Facebook groups of the ascendant »

Soooo much power: Swan Lake

April 17, 2009
Swan Lake is drunk, and, from first track to last, “Enemy Mine” is an assault on the listener’s sobriety as well. Words are slurred, meaning lost, and if the listener’s fine with that, it’s a bright and pleasurable jolt. To boot, its sonic booze also coincides with the none-too-early thawing of yesteryear’s electro ice age: »

Do drugs without dying

April 17, 2009
Dressed in a pinstripe suit and an unbuttoned white shirt, Eddie Einbinder wears his black hair long, strongly resembling what a young Oscar Wilde might have looked like. Somehow it’s not surprising that this colorful (and diplomatic) personality is responsible for a book on dangerous and illegal substances. “How to Have Fun and Not Die,” »

Head, shoulders, knees and gender

April 10, 2009
Yale’s newest theater topic is 300 years old. Michael Leibenluft ’10 sought to change drama at Yale, so he applied for an independent study in the Theater Studies Department to explore “what happens when you take away the playwright,” and pursue something “more democratic and inclusive than a lot of theater at Yale,” he said »

Money and Mother Yale

February 27, 2009
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. While you stumble out of Toad’s on a Saturday night, student CEOs are working upstairs. But your noise does not disturb them. They are in their element. Many of them have even dropped out of Yale to pursue their passion. But at what »