Herman Cain: a suave dude.

HERMAN CAIN: Candidate, Celebrity, Educator?

September 6, 2013
You may know him as the pizza mogul honored on the walls of Yorkside, the star of a “Daily Show” segment (see “Herman Cain: An American Presidency”) or simply as a 2012 Republican presidential hopeful. With his Southern drawl and quotable debate performances, Herman Cain became a national celebrity last year. Though he failed to obtain the Republican candidacy, Cain’s still working for America, pushing hard to get his message out with trips across the country and his radio show. Following Cain’s eventful Yale Political Union debut this week, WEEKEND sat down with him to discuss taxes (9–9–9!), Syria and his plans to elevate America’s political IQ.

With Jackson, Yale experiments

November 2, 2012
John Jackson ’67 always dreamed of being a statesman. Entering Yale as a young man, he looked to the example of his great-grandfather, a career diplomat, hoping to follow in his footsteps. Although Jackson ultimately took a different path, serving in the marines during the Vietnam War and then building a career working for pharmaceutical »

Three’s a trend

September 30, 2011
Back in the day, trends followed a general rule of threes. We’re told this is how saddle shoes and Hula-Hoops became a thing. But with the advent of Twitter, trending, as it were, has been revolutionized. These days, a simple # is all it takes and voilà! A trend is born. Carolyn Lipka and Jane »

Naked models, charcoal dreams

September 23, 2011
“Open Figure Drawing Classes, Tuesday night 8:30-10:30.” This is one of those flyers that usually would have made me stop, think for a second, then move on. But before leaving for college, I was urged to do those things which had always seemed too scary, or too strange, so, when WEEKEND asked me to check »