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Why Are We Here?

September 26, 2014
What follows is a response to the question — what kind of education does an elite liberal arts school like Yale offer? And why do we want it?
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What Do You Do With a Lot of Books?

September 5, 2014
On the ground floor, things start off simple. In two large glass display boxes, James Marshall Osborn’s life is laid bare, reduced to some letters and doodles and portraits.
He's a poet and you didn't even know it!

“The lyf so short, the craft so longe to lerne”

August 29, 2014
Caveat: I am not an English major. I am not an English major for many reasons, including a fear of large departments, a freaky obsession with Russia, and “The Victorian Novel,” a course I took last semester.
This is Jane.

What Arbitrary Thing Are You?

April 11, 2014
The two pseudopsychological tests offered similar results: Jane is a shy perfectionist who likes her friends a lot. She even has a “creative” streak. The same platitudes hold true for a lot of Yale kids but, still, I don’t object.
Hard at work.

Underdog Productions

March 28, 2014
Our goal is to create excellent works of cinema that will be respected by our peers,” shouts Ingrid Leigh (played by Crystal Liu ‘16) to her team-mates in an episode of B-Roll’s second season. Her fellow film-makers are unimpressed — Joanne (played by Luz Lopez ‘16) checks her phone, Elliot (Andrew Williams ‘16) bites his nails, Samantha smiles vacantly (Maxine Dillon ‘17). This goal is a little lofty for the motley crew. After all, Joanne (played by Luz Lopez ‘16) cares more about the group’s uniform. She thinks they should wear pink blazers.
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What Cannot Be Described

February 28, 2014
“We find the words for what cannot be described,” says Duma Kumalo in the Yale Cabaret’s newest show, “He Left Quietly,” directed by Leora Morris DRA ’16. The words are “shit” and “blood.” The words are “noose” and “coffin.” And all of these are punchy, sure, but inadequate. Genocide is senseless and impenetrable. Our causal chains and linguistic nets will never fully capture slaughter.
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A Space for Spontaneity

February 17, 2014
"Where else on campus can you go to try something out in front of people who are also trying things out?"
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Toad’s: Business or Pleasure?

February 7, 2014
Tessa Berenson ‘14 and Lisa Lin ‘14 can’t quite describe Toad’s. Lin looks at her computer screen thoughtfully. Berenson seems unable to find the perfect word to describe the York Street nightclub. And then, suddenly, Lin starts and exclaims: “Wait! Remember that article?” Going from pensive to determined, she begins to type. Berenson watches. “Here, it’s called Eight Underappreciated College Campuses You Have to Check Out.”
Some things aren't always hidden.

The Full, Paper Moon

January 24, 2014
They looked up, their bodies like ants — then I pulled down my pants and I mooned the whole crowd. They tell me I shouted, “The moon is out tonight.”
Superhuman sound.

Man, Machine, Music

December 14, 2013
“All this fuss over nothing / reinventing the wheel,” they croon. They're seated in a semi-circle — the focal point: a tablet glowing green and blue on a table. The stage is dark. The beat stutters and thumps. Their voices soar over static, computerized snaps and clicks. And A.Squared, Yale's newest a cappella ensemble, has truly reinvented the wheel.
The bookish types.

Words! Be sick as I am sick

December 6, 2013
M and N talk a lot about books. Books have a certain gravitational pull. M and N eat lunch together Thursdays and start with personal questions: How was your week? How are your classes? How was your midterm? The conversation orbits the inevitable with a lazy grace. Slowly, the circuit tightens and the satellite spirals inwards. Then, a collision. Once again, M and N are talking about books.
Flavors that don't all add up.

Treat Yourself

November 14, 2013
But “Visual Treats: Syntax,” the newest exhibit in Katalina’s--the pastry shop up the street from Timothy Dwight--is rarely that rough. The Syntax Artists, eight local women working in mixed media, have created an engaging, thoughtful display. Forty-four pieces decorate the shop’s walls and shelves, ranging from slight to substantial, dark to vibrant, pencil to encaustic. Order a coffee, pick up a flyer -- a list of artists, titles, media, and prices -- and then peruse the offerings.