Seeing ‘Saw 4’ is worse than death

November 2, 2007
Just when it seemed the Trilogy of Shame had been completed, director Darren Lynn Bousman has unleashed yet another horror flick embarrassment in the form of “Saw IV.” In the series’ 2004 inaugural, “Saw” treated viewers to the grisly tale of Jigsaw, a serial killer who ensnares his victims in gruesome puzzles, forcing them to »

New Pollard dual effort more than ‘Standard’

October 12, 2007
Back in the mid-1990s, in what is widely considered his lo-fi golden years, Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard famously (and rather crudely) declared that he could “write five songs on the crapper, and three of them will be good.” By the time of his band’s dissolution at the end of 2004, Pollard had over »