Which "yoyos" broke Yorkside's window?

The Koutroumanis: Making your pizza, watching the intoxicated

March 8, 2013 • 0
WEEKEND sat down with George and his daughter Eleni, from Yorkside Pizza, to discuss the ins and outs of a family business that depends on the cravings of undergrads.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Thanks to ‘Inspector Hound’

March 1, 2013 • 1205
At one point in “The Real Inspector Hound,” the play’s five central characters realize that there may be a murderer in their midst and they all rush to grab improvised weapons — the maid gets a rope, the ex-soldier in a wheelchair clutches a bent pipe and a young socialite fiercely wields a candlestick.
Families have been sad for decades, guys.

All the Melodrama, All at Once

February 15, 2013 • 0
The Yale Dramat play prides itself on this ambitious sort of crosscutting through time. Written by Jesse Schreck ’14 and directed by Zeke Blackwell ’13, the project is the first student-written production at the Dramat in two years and, considering this sort of institutional support, it aims high.
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Hack to the Future

February 1, 2013 • 0
Tech at Yale is here; it has been for several years. The challenge is finding a space for it to stay, and figuring out whether there’s enough room in the University’s old stone walls for both theory and practice.

Kissing Cole

January 18, 2013 • 1152
Our University loves nothing more than celebrating itself. If nothing else, this weekend’s performance of “Kiss Me, Kate” in concert will be a wonderfully gleeful experience of just that.
SUN is FUN: Sarah, Yoni, Ben and Diana!

Come Together, Right Now (Over Yale)

December 7, 2012 • 4879
The Graduate Employees and Students Organization (GESO) identifies with an academic approach, whereas Students Unite Now (SUN) is still consolidating its interests into a whole and defining its strategies. And while the groups may come closer to working together, they remain conscious of staying true to their own distinct identities.

The Rule-Abiding Guide to Better Tailgating

November 16, 2012 • 3045
It’s understandable that the rules governing tailgating have become increasingly complicated.
Outside Joke, Yale's newest experimental comedy troupes, conferenced in one of its members via WEEKEND's Macintosh for this photoshoot

You Haven’t Heard This One Before

November 9, 2012 • 0
Sitting in rehearsal for Outside Joke, one of Yale’s newest comedy troupes, things are very far from normal. The members begin with improv, running a traditional short-form game entirely in gibberish. Two players start to shout out nonsensical phrases as they chase each other around the room. One of them steals the other’s wallet. The »
The leader of the free world in a moment of levity. CHEESIN.

The Incumbent: An Exclusive Interview with our Nation’s Leader in “Richard 2012”

November 2, 2012 • 0
How does a good ruler govern? Can one really be better than the other? While the minutiae of the modern news cycle flurries around the stage of “Richard 2012 or The Body Politic: An Election Event Conceived and Performed by Alex Kramer ’13, Charlie Polinger ’13, and Raphael Shapiro ’13, Based on Richard II and »
You aren't working your way into this Gcal, bitch.

If you’re not on my Gcal, it’s not going to happen

October 19, 2012 • 0
You, yes you! I haven’t seen you in ages. At least since freshman year, when we got lost together on the way to our first lecture, or was it during Camp Yale? (Wait, were you my suitemate?) Anyway, those were good times. Where have you been? What’s the deal with that? We should get a »

“The Master” drinks its own Kool-Aid

September 28, 2012 • 0
“The Master,” a new film by writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson, follows shattered World War II veteran Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix) as he is drawn into to The Cause, a fictional cult, in 1950s America. The film’s title refers to Lancaster Dodd, the cult’s leader, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, who bears a remarkable resemblance to »

A Venture into the Balls Business

September 21, 2012 • 5446
New Haven Meatball House has a deceptively simple name. Yes, the new restaurant on the corner of Chapel and Park streets, does serve the mediocre, vaguely comforting plate of pasta and meatballs you know, love and will probably order. Don’t. Meatball House’s strength lies instead in its variations on that large, juicy glob of protein »