From now until forever: love at Yale

November 4, 2011
When Kai Chen ’14, a sophomore in Timothy Dwight College, tried to get a door open for Grace Zhang ’15 on freshman move-in day, he was so nervous that it took him a minute to figure the lock out. Zhang had known exactly how to open the door and had only been trying to initiate »

Open Studios, Erector Square

October 21, 2011
Artspace’s City Wide Open Studios lives up to its name — it takes advantage of parts of greater New Haven that Yale students are likely not to have experienced. Last weekend’s CWOS took place at Erector Square, which used to be an Erector Set factory until the 1960s. If it weren’t for Artspace, the large »

Cowell’s X Factor Jumps the Pond

October 14, 2011
Rachel Crow, 13, has chubby cheeks, frizzy hair, pink clothes and wants “The X Factor USA”’s $5 million recording contract prize because “[her] family has, like, no money.” She also wants to donate to an orphanage because “[her] mom adopted [her], and she’s, like, the best mom ever!” She is, in essence, manufactured to be »

Little Salad Shop could use larger taste buds

September 2, 2011
The Little Salad Shop’s mission statement of “bringing affordable and healthy eating to everyone” is missing just one word: tasty. Located on 45 High St., The Little Salad Shop is situated near a few other quick eateries like Atticus, Starbucks and, why not, Froyo World. Though also close to many of Yale’s most popular frats, »

Separate but equal

September 2, 2011
Just a quick walk through the white-lettered red walls of the exhibition, and I already knew that “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” would live up to its name. The art screams independence, pride and courage so passionately, so boldly, that these, too, could be unalienable rights. The current installation, “We the People,” is »

“Psyche” pits ego vs. id

February 4, 2011
“Psyche & Muse: Creative Entanglements with the Science of the Soul” may leave some visitors simply entangled. But for intellectuals seeking a journey through the discourses of human psychology, the exhibit provides a soulful experience. Displayed on the first and second floors of the Beinecke Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, “Psyche & Muse” seeks to »

Responding to Velazquez

January 14, 2011
After months in the Library Storage Facility, Diego Velazquez’s “The Education of the Virgin” is finally on view at the Yale University Art Gallery. Five WKNDers share their thoughts, feelings and doubts about the work. The damage done When I first saw Diego Velazquez’s “The Education of the Virgin,” I couldn’t help but notice the »

A Different Drum marches to its own beat

December 3, 2010
Four-leaf clovers, broken mirrors, Friday the 13th, and knocking on wood inspired A Different Drum’s fall dance show, aptly titled “Supersition.” At times overly-silly but otherwise sincere, the show entertains with its off-the-wall interpretations, but is rarely subtle. The show, artistically directed by Elizabeth Eddy ’11 and overseen by company president Sarai Itagaki ’11, is »

Horses in character

November 12, 2010
On a canvas hanging on the side wall, a horse runs across a barren landscape within the Chinese character for “boundary” — its legs are intertwined with two black strokes; its neck is seemingly restrained by another. In “Horse Expression: Nature vs. Culture,” a series of nine sensational paintings on display at the Yale-China Association »

Haas’ ’69 photographs deceive (again)

November 5, 2010
One of his photographs looks like a group of cells on a Petri dish — but they’re actually circular patterns of ice in a frozen pond shot from over the Stony Rapids of Saskatchewan. A series of aerial photographs shot by Robert Haas ’69 was unveiled on Monday in Kroon Hall by Henry J. Heinz »

Artists <3 New Haven

October 29, 2010
In early October, the local gallery ArtSpace kicked off City Wide Open Studios (CWOS) — a month-long contemporary art event in New Haven. The party, one of ArtSpace’s “artSPACE underground” soirees, featured live music and performance art in addition to installations that showcased a variety of mediums. A live band was set up in one »

Paradise found in new gallery exhibition

October 22, 2010
As if witnessing American artist John La Farge’s voyage first hand, visitors to the Yale University Art Gallery see paintings with earth-toned borders scattered around walls of blue and turquoise. The exhibition, titled “John La Farge’s Second Paradise: Voyages in the South Seas, 1890-1891,” evokes memories of a vivid trip to the deep South Pacific »