No, it’s not THAT talk

January 23, 2009
In some ways, “Conversations with my Father” describes the typical immigrant story: A man leaves the old country to fight his way uptown in the New World, facing hatred and persecution while wrestling with his identity as a Jew and an American. It follows a similarly tried-and-true convention in examining family relations: A man is »

‘Pamela’ has enormous balls

December 5, 2008
Ten minutes into the dress rehearsal of the Yale Cabaret’s “Pamela Precious: A Balls-out Love Story,” I thought I might have hit the jackpot, might have finally arrived at the moment every theater critic dreams of — the chance to write a really bad review. Something extravagantly and enthusiastically mean. Something along the lines of »

Full breasts exposed

November 14, 2008
The weathered bronze statue strikes the classic Venus de Milo pose — a graceful female figure with rounded breasts and belly, standing in coy contrapposto, covering her genitalia with a casual hand. But the Grecian symbol of womanhood takes a new twist in this photo, sporting a pink tie and short blond wig, with playful »

‘Horror’ on the rocks

October 31, 2008
Showing up drunk to review a play isn’t exactly in line with the News’ protocol, but if any show benefits from viewer intoxication, it’s “Rocky Horror.” After three semesters of sober theater reviews, two rescheduled phone calls from assistant directors and three-quarters of a power hour I arrived rather guiltily and tipsily at the OBT »

STILL HERE | Molly Clark-Barol ’08

October 17, 2008
When Molly Clark-Barol ’08 decided last May to take the job as Post-Graduate Associate at the Yale Women Faculty Forum, she didn’t really know what to expect. She did know she was ready to stop weighing her options, graduate and get on with her life. And, you know, go have a hell of a time »

It’s Ladies’ Night

October 10, 2008
Night Out Every Yale girl knows that sometimes the men folk around here can get a little much and it’s time to speed dial the girlfriends and get your estrogen fix. But that’s no reason to sacrifice a potentially fabulous night out — blow off some steam and give yourself a well-deserved break from cockiness »

Suite brunch (minus the kitchen)

September 19, 2008
Weekend brunch is a Yale staple. And why not? There are trays of goodies, deep-fried calories, the endless line of freshmen lighting the toaster on fire, the ex-boyfriend who you watched make-out with your former roommate last night … Okay, so it’s not always the most hassle-free experience. Not that we’d ever advocate missing brunch, »

Vincent visit draws to a close

September 5, 2008
Seeing great art can be a bit of a production these days. There’s the trip to the museum, the exhausting wanderings through endless halls of Oceanic tribal instruments and the inevitable reincarnation of your least favorite section asshole, now reborn as the vocal art snob always one painting over. There are pleasanter places to observe »

Count sunny Yale days as blessings

September 5, 2008
Ah Yale! The grass is green, the sun is out and all of our friends have gotten more attractive and less annoying over the summer. But the blissful idleness of Camp Yale and shopping period is fleeting and so is the good weather. A few short weeks past the free food and August temperatures freshmen »

Chingus Khan Country Club: Not exactly suburbia

August 29, 2008
They don’t do birthday cakes in Mongolia. At least, they didn’t where I was staying. The round, sturdy gers are supposed to be easily transportable, and ovens are heavy. Kitchen appliances aside, there simply is not much to work with in the way of ingredients. The terrain of the landlocked country nestled between Russia and »

Too Much Drama?

April 25, 2008
They had already traveled from across the country, spent a night in New Haven and braved the Activities Fair, but for some dramatically inclined prefrosh, Tuesday afternoon’s theater information session, coordinated by the Yale Drama Coalition (YDC), was the Bulldog Days highlight. While future classmates lounged on Old Campus with bags of candy and pamphlets, »

‘Camelot’ a lot of fun, but it could be even more fun

April 11, 2008
In a second act moment of comedic relief, King Arthur and Queen Guenevere take a break from lust, jealousy and guilt to musically speculate about “what the simple folk do” when “they’re blue.” Yep, things rhyme. There’s a repeating melody. Arthur even pulls out an Irish jig. But the number fulfills its function: The audience »