WEEKEND | A tasty (and intoxicating) trip to Ibiza

April 6, 2011 • 2
Last week, I received a most seductive email from Ibiza, the swanky Spanish restaurant at 39 High St. It read: “why not skip school … and go?” I was obviously sold. I won’t be coy: the food at Ibiza was good. This may have been due to a variety of reasons. It could have been »

WEEKEND | It’s on: Restaurant Week!

April 6, 2011 • 0
I was looking over Ibiza’s menu online (what I do during my spare time; don’t worry about it) when a bright blue graphic caught my eye. “New Haven RESTAURANT WEEK,” it proclaimed. It seems as though the biannual tradition has crept up again, with offerings available from 33 restaurants with a prix fixe of $16.38 »

WEEKEND | High street burger skips high street prices

March 26, 2011 • 3
A block and a half away from Louis’ Lunch, the birthplace of the original hamburger, a new burger joint opened last fall after the decline of Liberry at 45 High St. The burgers at High Street Burger are the sort-of healthier cousin of the standard burger, though: they’re steamed. (Incidentally, the steamed burger was born »

WEEKEND | A Pot au filling food on Whitney

March 2, 2011 • 0
Inspired by the sun’s decision to venture out from behind the clouds, I chose to ignore the impending crush of papers and exams and took a leisurely stroll out to Pot au Pho at 77 Whitney Ave. Although I had passed the restaurant before — always taking note of its unusual window display — I »

WEEKEND | Patricia’s: the cure for your diner withdrawal

February 22, 2011 • 0
Breakfast is great. So is brunch. Even brinner is awesome, when you can get away with it. But not all breakfasts (or brunches or brinners) are equal under the law of taste. And of all breakfasts, diner breakfast is king. Good diner food should be greasy, fast, cheap and tasty. Given this rubric, there is »

WEEKEND | The shabby fun of La Cosinita

February 15, 2011 • 0
Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but regardless, this is an unsentimental review of an unsentimental place. After all, it is the shabby straightforwardness of La Cosinita — located on 117 Park St. — that makes it so appealing. As a Korean-American from Buffalo, N.Y., my ties to Mexican food go about as far as passing through »

WEEKEND | A mixed bag at Woodland

February 8, 2011 • 0
I wanted to like Woodland Coffee and Tea. It’s hidden enough to be intriguing, small enough to be quaint, and it’s right next door to my best friend’s apartment — how convenient would that be? I entered the café last weekend full of hopes as my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting of the narrow »

WEEKEND | Mixing and Matching Marinaded Meats at Soul de Cuba

February 1, 2011 • 0
Most people like bread. I love bread. Sandwiches are made with bread, ergo I love sandwiches. So while I don’t remember much about my first time at Soul de Cuba after the sangria, when I heard that this cozy Crown Street eatery offered a small selection of lunchtime sandwiches (i.e. until 5 p.m.), I decided »

WEEKEND | New Haven’s mobile food: The Cheese Truck

November 8, 2010 • 0
Name: The Cheese Truck Spotted: College, between Chapel and Elm streets (Check their twitter to see where they’ll be on any given day!) Date and time: October 21 and 22 Owner: Caseus The lowdown: The Cheese Truck has been around since February. Its parent restaurant, Caseus, has been around for nearly three years now, but »

WEEKEND | New Haven’s mobile food: Four Flours

November 1, 2010 • 0
Intrepid foodie Heeseung Kim will be examining New Haven’s food on-the-go for the WEEKEND blog. Here is the first installment of her series: Name: Four Flours Spotted: York Street between Elm and Chapel (although no set route) Date and time: Oct. 26, around 2:00 p.m. Owner: Four Flours; Tony and Robin Schaffer The lowdown: Although »