November 18, 2011
We are not at all qualified to talk about football — surprise! One of us is an international student; the other’s a girl. Combined, we have attended a total of eight tailgates and half the number of football games in our nearly four years at Yale. Both of us know a touchdown happens when you »

‘Dancehall Queen’ grinds, scares

October 1, 2010
I was not allowed to see “Dancehall Queen” in theaters back when it came out in 1997. Even today, if I still lived at home, I doubt my mom would let me watch 96 minutes of what ex post facto can only be described as softcore ebony porn. As in, imagine my surprise when I »

Faces in the Crowd: Yale Football Edition

September 24, 2010
Zola Quao Year: 2013 Known For: Single-handedly leading the masses at The Game ’09. Q. How many football games have you attended at Yale? A. Between five and ten. Q. How many Yale football games did you attend before coming to Yale? A. I came to New Haven for a Yale-Princeton game my junior year »

The uncertain fate of Zeta

September 10, 2010
It was once a house of brothers. Less than a year ago, 29 Whalley Ave. was the home of a handful of Yale men, brought together by a bond of fraternity. Here, amid the clutter and hole-punched walls of this simple four-story building, the men had gathered last winter around a television to play a »

Let’s talk about … security!

September 3, 2010
-Hi, good evening. -Giving me calls when I’m on break. Does that make sense? -Oh, no! I’m sorry… -Nah, don’t worry. It’s fine. It was 10:55 p.m. when the Yale Security car arrived at the dark New Haven corner where I had been standing for more than 35 minutes. I called at 10:19 p.m., gave »

Freshman glee yields junior cynicism

August 27, 2010
This year, I was an OIS counselor for a second time, because I love spreading the love for Yale and because I’m a bit of a creeper. I retired from my post last night, before face-sucking internationals at Sigma Nu during the program’s graduation ceremony. OIS stands for Orientation for International Students, a program that, »

Glengarry Glen Fuck

April 16, 2010
Closing! Fuck! Leads! Shit! Closing! Closing! Curse again! Still! Mitchell Nobel’s ’13 version of David Mamet’s Pulitzer prize-winning “Glenglarry Glen Ross” is, at most, cute. Nobel’s rendition of the 1982 dark comedy about minor-league, cutthroat real estate salesmen succeeds at exposing the layers of meaning Mamet created through the use of simple, carefully schemed, mundane »


April 9, 2010
I’ve been censed before, millions of times. Census-censed, of course, though I occasionally enjoy bathing in the odor of burning incense. Experiences of this kind (censuses, not sessions of aromatherapy) have been the daily hey-yo back home for the past eleven years — in addition to some constitutional amendments, a couple of referendums and as »
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Haircuts: A Comprehensive Guide

Let scene tell you, most Yalies prefer to get their hair cut from the same person at HOME who’s been doing it forever, that magic man or woman who knows exactly how to work your layers or how to not make your ears stick out. But sometimes you need a cut FORTHWITH. Maybe you’re ready »

“North Face” ist kalt

March 4, 2010
Fact 1: Movie theaters are cold. Fact 2: Philipp Stölzl’s “North Face” gives Fact 1 a new meaning — it is impossible to ignore the feeling that your blood temperature, too, is lowering to an alarming degree. This film beautifully depicts the fight of four climbers to survive while trying to descend the 3970-meter Eiger »

Van Horn ‘remembers everything’

February 26, 2010
Erica Van Horn was born in New Hampshire. She was the weird kid. Rushing back home from school and witnessing the reigning despair on the day President John F. Kennedy was shot, the adult world falling apart, the eight-year old Van Horn decided to document her experience. Drawings, text, fabric, paper. She didn’t want to »

Lost In Translation: Ay! Salsa’s Arepas

February 19, 2010
Everyone loves Ay Salsa! and everyone loves Ernesto, the cook. Ay Salsa! has the word ‘ay’ and an exclamation mark in it. Ernesto is latino and cute. And the food Ernesto makes in Ay Salsa! is great. Why would anyone hate the small eatery on High Street? No one does. People can’t stop talking about »