The ‘Turkey’ does not exist

The night before the world premier of “Cold Turkey,” the now infamous original three-man play by Ethan Kuperberg, Matthew George and Will Stephen, premiered, the naughty cast decided to play a hilarious prank on some of their closest friends and allies. They told these poor souls that their show was canceled just to see what »

Kuperberg: Avenue I[nternship]

April 10, 2009
The stage is covered with dirty clothes and is poorly lit. Ethan and Marco’s room. Ethan has just woken up and is pacing while Marco gently snores. Ethan starts to sing. ETHAN Two months ‘til summer, what do I do? This is a bummer. I have no clue. When I hear what others are up »

Kuperberg: Snooze control

February 27, 2009
In August 2007, I went three days without sleeping. I was frantically trying to finish a film project before leaving for college, and with time running out, my friends and I shut ourselves inside a windowless room and edited digital video for 60 hours straight. “This shot is overexposed and jittery,” I remember complaining to »

Kuperberg: Parents love clarity, buy love

February 6, 2009
My parents sent me several things for my birthday this past Saturday: a vomit-green sweater from Urban Outfitters, a link to the Mona Lisa wishing me a day full of smiles, a book I had left at home over Winter Break and a delightful card. The card was a classy touch, so I was surprised »

Esk Economy Eric

January 16, 2009
Dear Economy Eric, Help! The economic crisis has hit, and hit me hard! I’ve lost my job, my house is getting foreclosed and my twin daughters are starting college in the fall. My newborn child is currently nestled in a bed of soft straw in our mailbox. I’d ask my wife to help me, but »

Kuperberg: Stimulated by pizza, pizza, pizza

December 5, 2008
I spent the summer studying abroad in Italy, and upon my return I hoped to skip two levels of Italian class. The following is a transcript from the Italian oral placement exam that I took this September. The conversation was conducted in Italian and has been translated into English verbatim. TEACHER: Welcome! You must be »

Prez candid8s go hed2hed

October 31, 2008
The following is a transcript from last night’s widely unpublicized fourth presidential debate. As a response to the impending digital age and in order to connect with young voters, it was held in a Public AOL Chatroom. Thursday 10-30-08 8:01:00 EST BrokAwesome: Good evening from all of us here at AOL > ChatForum > Interests »