Fashion in the Y2K

December 4, 2009
I came to Yale convinced that I was not going to find anyone who watched “ANTM” or cared about fashion. I was totally wrong about the first one. The fashion thing is kind of weird, though. Looking at student fashion over the last 10 years, it’s clear that Yalies have always cared somewhat about what’s »

Kiss Kiss Bangs Bangs

December 2, 2009
Yesterday in my English 120 class, we were browsing the “Stuff White People Like” blog. I’d been living under a rock when this was popular and thus, had never seen it. So, when I returned home, I got to looking at some of the entries, and the one I found most interesting was “Girls with »
Sacrifice warmth for fashion to achieve the ultimate aesthetics?

scene | Wear Yale Well

November 19, 2009
This weekend, students of both Yale and Harvard will be faced with several difficult sartorial dilemmas: Do I want to sacrifice warmth for fashion at the game? What do I wear to the tailgate party? Should I crush that Harvard girl’s self esteem with an obscene T-Shirt or mack on her by dressing to the »

The club banger’s guide to breaking music

November 13, 2009
Ever wonder what you’re going to hear at Toad’s on a Saturday night? Probably not. In any case here are four songs that you should expect to hear in the coming weeks, based on the number of radio stations that have picked them up over the past week. “Shut It Down” — Pitbull ft. Akon »