Love Week: moving beyond "hookup culture."

SML wants your love

February 10, 2012
I want to start by thanking you for looking at yet another article that appears to be about Yale’s sexual climate. I promise this one is going to be different. Starting this weekend, SML: Saturday Morning Love, a blog based on the New York Times series “Modern Love,” (no, not that MODERN LOVE, upperclassmen) will »
Love Week: moving beyond "hookup culture."

SML: Saturday Morning Love

January 28, 2012
I started reading the NYT’s “Modern Love” columns this summer. For those unfamiliar, “Modern Love” is a series of “deeply personal essays about contemporary relationships, marriage, dating, [and] parenthood” and other intimate topics written on a weekly rotation. “Love” in the context of this column is all-encompassing. Love for a pet, love for a parent, »

Forever alone, and it feels alright

October 23, 2011
With the exception of a standing Tuesday dinner date with my two best girlfriends and perhaps another plan or two each week, I eat most of my meals alone. I’ll bring a newspaper (especially on the WEEKEND hayy) or a laptop to do work, and I actually really like it. It reminds me of how »

Blonde: Keeping the October Sky from Falling

October 7, 2011
As the first whole month of real school, October is notoriously a struggle. Just last weekend you were picking apples with your college and dancing to Madonna at UOFC PINK! dance. This week you’re picking up an apple from the dining hall because you don’t have time to each lunch as you muddle through that »

Blonde: Job recruitment spurs September stress

September 23, 2011
As a senior at Yale, just being awake is stressful. The simple pleasures that I used to derive from the little things like walking down the street with my iPod, checking my email, even eating dinner with friends, have all been tarnished by the same thing: job recruitment. While admittedly much of the stress is »

Blonde: Nesting: Chicks dig it

September 9, 2011
Back in April during one of my many trips to Family Dollar I bought this little Marshmallow Peep-looking chick made from wire and electric blue tinsel, looking all sad and pathetic in the leftover/reject Easter section of the store. It was cute, it was only a quarter and I have a special soft spot for »

Blonde: Fear and self-loathing in Disney World

March 24, 2011
Over break, I was in the place where dreams come true. No, not Las Vegas. In the morning I was in a “casita” in Mexico; at night I was on a rock’n’roller coaster with Aerosmith. And then I went to China. This was my trip to the Walt Disney World Resort. In the car on »

Blonde: Missing my McNuggets

January 28, 2011
I’m from suburban South Florida, where like in most suburban areas, I grew up eating at places like Olive Garden and TGI Friday’s. It’s your birthday? Red Lobster. You’re getting together with your ex-boyfriend? Cold Stone. You’re going out on a date? Chili’s. When my family is road tripping and looking for a place to »

Blonde: snack time snack time snack time

November 5, 2010
There is an excessive amount of classroom snacking occurring on this campus and it is annoying. Yale tried to curtail this habit by taking away our paper cups so we would stop heisting chicken breasts at every meal. But then they just gave us silver mugs with more storage space. Clarification: I love eating more »
Inside a prisoner’s cell: a picture frame, television and black Reebok sneakers.

Behind the Bars

September 17, 2010
Based on their daily routines, Travis and Jequan appear to be two average twenty-somethings from New Haven. They work from two to 10p.m. Monday through Friday and enjoy sleeping, watching television and playing cards on the weekend. “I used to work in the receiving room, cleaning, distributing property, towels,” Travis said. “I’ve been working clearance, »
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Spring Fling review: Ying Yang Twins

April 29, 2010
Point By Erica Blonde Watching the Ying Yang Twins perform with Harkness Tower in my peripheral vision was one of the highlights of my life. Everyone can say whatever they want about the Twins, but they give a hell of a good live performance. The only problem was the weak opening. I don’t know if »

Best Dressed Prince Fan: Jahna Halyard

April 15, 2010
“Strangely enough, I’d say Prince is one of my [style] icons. Style is definitely about expression, so I admire his level of confidence.” This is Jahna Halyard, a Davenport sophomore from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina who describes her style as “elegantly trendy.” I’d have to agree. Jahna was J Crew-poster-child-ing it for the photos Eva »