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“Constructively Occupied”

April 3, 2015
“I was like, ‘absolutely not’ — I’d never gone off the beaten path before,” she says, sipping from an organic-looking tea that turns her tongue yellow-green.
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Cultural Currency

February 20, 2015
The shabby facade of 295 Crown St., the home of the AACC, did not match the vibrant image painted in admission brochures targeted at minority students — a jarring experience that many students of color face when they arrive on campus. “Is this even Yale?” Nguyen’s mother asked her.“You shouldn’t come here. It’s not safe.”
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Between Yale Blue and Green

September 12, 2014
Some were pleased with a pivot away from a unitary focus on divestment, while others promised to push back against the CCIR. For Barrows — who has come to view climate change as the “most important justice issue of our time” to which most other global issues are linked — the administration’s efforts weren’t nearly enough. Sustainability is all well and good, but a university with more than 12,000 students, a 20-billion-dollar endowment and a name recognized around the world could, in Barrows’ view, do much much more.

That Summertime, Summertime Sadness

April 11, 2014
This morning in philosophy lecture, my professor, despicably, went over the format for our final exam. This might not have been so atrocious — you might even suggest that I should have been appreciative — had it not come in conjunction with a few other ill-disguised attacks on my emotional well-being.
Encounters across time.

Love and Humor, A Century Apart

March 28, 2014
“This show uses gunshots and strobe lights,” a voice informs the audience. So begins the motif of unexpected pairs that will dominate “Valhalla.”

a.squared Remixes This Business

March 7, 2014
a.squared doesn’t just want to tell you what they’re doing; they’d rather show you. The little musical family includes six main performers and a whole host of production team members. Their YouTube channel allows viewers all around the world to watch as they use the computer program Ableton Live to remix a cappella, right as they sing it. When they’re not lovingly bickering over which roles they each occupy in the a.squared family (is DJ a father figure or more of an older brother?) or slyly avoiding reporters’ questions about their secretive post-spring break plans, they’re all happy to tell you that a.squared is the best thing they’ve done at Yale. WEEKEND sat down in the studio with music director Jacob Reske ’14, vocalists (and newly tapped Whiffenpoofs) Jackson Thea ’15 and DJ Stanfill ’15 and producer Emily Bosisio ’16 to hear all about it.
Classes are meant for talking.

My Opinion Is Worth Your Time(?)

February 28, 2014
On the first day of class, my English professor told us that our guiding philosophy for the semester should be, “Dare to be stupid.” It’s a class about reviewing the performing arts, so this is crucial. We’re being paid for our opinions—or so we are to imagine—and we had better express them.
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Poetry without Pretension

February 28, 2014
It was poetry reading without pretension, where applause and easy laughter replaced snaps, and audience enjoyment was paramount.
"My college life is so much more wonderful than yours."

The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep

January 31, 2014
High school small talk was always themed. During junior year it was the SATs. The next fall was nothing but college applications. At prom, no one could think of anything more intelligent than “Omigod, you look amazing!” to say to their acquaintances. During college breaks, as it turns out, the theme becomes even more specific: »
The woods of downtown New Haven.

Looking For a Forest Through the Trees

January 17, 2014
“Through the Trees” is more than a collection of artwork. Its artists specifically emphasize that the exhibit is not merely “art for art’s sake” — its goals are to raise awareness about gun violence, and to memorialize victims of such violence in the process.
Oooh, Rudolph Hall!

A Meta Take on Performance Art

December 6, 2013
Physiology tells us that our eyes are trained to follow motion, that we tend to ignore what is stagnant. So it makes sense that when attending a play, opera or ballet, most audience members are drawn to the parts of the stage that are moving, be they actors, dancers or elaborate props. But this biological »
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

A New Home for the Holidays

December 4, 2013
All college freshmen have a common goal during their first semester: make a dorm feel like home. Everyone goes about this differently—some paper their bedroom walls with pictures of friends from high school, some hang their home state flags across their walls, some concoct makeshift versions of their favorite traditional home dishes using only Ramen, »