January 28, 2011
Things an Eli needs to go out in January: gloves, scarf, fuzzy hat, parka. Optional: beer jacket. To survive New Haven’s harshest winters, some Yalies swear by this fleece alternative. Referring to the observation that consuming an alcoholic drink often causes one to feel warmer (the blood vessels dilate and the warm blood consequently flows »

WEEKEND | YSO gets DVDs of Halloween show

November 5, 2010
The Yale Symphony Orchestra isn’t quite ready to let go of Halloween. Currently taking orders for DVD recordings of last week’s Halloween show, they hope to allow students to relive the performance for years to come. “I always love the Halloween show,” Austin Kase ’11, French horn player who served as the director of this »

‘Plant meets Yale,’ a tragicomedy

October 8, 2010
As winter approaches, we cannot forget about our plants — that is, unless we forgot about them already. Somehow the backyard bushes at SAE have managed to thrive over the years, supported only by the luck of rainfall or urine of an intoxicated partygoer. Next door, at the SigEp house, Chris Magoon ’11 takes his »

A food cart named desire

September 3, 2010
Ten years ago, an immigrant from Pakistan named Jamshed “Jim” Khalid pushed his food cart to the vacant corner of Prospect and Sachem. The Yalies trecking up and down Science Hill were not the only ones to take notice; Khalid’s choice of location caught the attention of vendors. More food carts began to appear alongside »

We’re just bulldogs on Bulldog Days

April 23, 2010
In the official 2010 Bulldog Days calendar, there are 36 pages of pre-approved activities, classes, panels, tours and fairs, 84 neatly printed events offered on Monday and six welcoming bulldogs sporting hats, costumes and sunglasses. But despite the book’s cheery encouragement to attend “events marked with a Y” and its assurance that all Yalies wanted »

‘Ethical conflict’? Sure …

April 11, 2010
(Photo: www.offenburger.com) When I walked into Blue State Coffee at the end of last week, all I wanted was a small cup of Earl Grey tea. But, after placing my order, the barista informed me they were no longer serving my favorite tea blend due to “ethical conflict” in the region where the tea is »

Spring break: Texas cops aren’t very different from Yale cops

March 10, 2010
Whenever I arrive home to Texas for break, my family drives straight from the airport to our favorite barbecue restaurant. We catch up on each other’s weeks spent apart then finish off our meal with a slice of pecan pie split four ways. By that point, I am always eager to see my friends at »
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A night out with the Wenzel guy

March 4, 2010
Often, Yalies cannot declare a weekend night satisfactory without ripping open the brown paper bag containing the infamous Wenzel, a sub sandwich invented by Eric Wenzel ’04 on a fateful Saturday night during his Junior year when he decided to combine hot sauce with chicken. The sandwich was soon after adopted into the Alpha Delta »