How to fill this club in five easy steps

September 2, 2005
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Featuring swimsuit-clad bartenders, private cabanas and exotic fruits blended into tropical drinks, the newly opened Crown Street bar Hula Hank’s evokes images of a white sand beach in the South Pacific. Resembling a locale beautiful enough to stage a season of “Survivor,” Hula »

Two edgy plays make their Elm City debuts

April 22, 2005
At the end of this college year, two specters of AP English nationwide are making an appearance in New Haven, one a British post-modernist resurrected in a highly personal School of Drama thesis and the other an American legend revisiting his old haunts — a production of Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Thing” by the Yale »

The loser gets the last laugh in “Magno Rubio’

March 25, 2005
Here’s to the losers. To those with delusions of grandeur and deluges of heartbreak; to the Napoleon Dynamites, the Rabbit Angstroms and the Willie Lomans; to the washed-up, the bottomfeeders, the pathetic and disgusting; to those who aren’t even underdogs, because nobody — but nobody — is rooting for them. Here’s to Magno Rubio (Jojo »

Cartoon meets classic in Rep’s ‘Comedy’

February 18, 2005
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Anything that comes off in a character’s hand turns out to be dynamite; dynamite never explodes before all the characters are peering at it up close; and boxes made by the Acme Corporation with levers that say “pull” are big trouble. Only instead of “beep beep” and »

‘Copenhagen’ is atomic success

February 11, 2005
This seems to be the Year of the Third Reich for Yale’s Dramat: The fall mainstage was about Hitler’s rise, and the upcoming “Mother Courage” was written by Brecht in exile from Germany during WWII. But at first blush, World War II doesn’t appear to be the best setting for Michael Frayn’s “Copenhagen”: The development »

Neverland is in Beinecke, with a pinch of fairy dust

February 4, 2005
In the sequel to “Peter Pan,” a grown-up Wendy allows her daughter to fly away with Peter, concentrating on the magic of the moment instead of worrying about Peter’s potentially unstable psyche. “My Heart in Company” — a 10-week exhibit at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library — recognizes the wisdom of Wendy’s approach. »

Yale playwrights stage work at Rep

February 4, 2005
Three weeks ago, Eli Clark ’07 nearly broke down completely trying to finish writing her play, “Breakfast,” a one-act she describes as a “crazy manic whirlwind tour.” The resulting one-act tackles Jesus, Woody Allen and figure skating and will premiere this weekend at the 2005 Yale Playwrights Festival, a series of staged readings of seven »

‘Kinsey’ has way too much sex

December 3, 2004
Maybe it’s just seeing John Lithgow reprise the over-the-top tyrannical preacher role, or the fact that Liam Neeson sports the same porcupine haircut as Kevin Bacon did 15 years ago, but writer-director Bill Condon’s “Kinsey” seems to me just a few fancy camera tricks and some interesting moral questions away from “Footloose,” that classic of »

The divas duel in ‘Ladies’

December 3, 2004
Lillian Groag’s “The Ladies of the Camellias” features four bizarre African pets, two women who give new meaning to the term prima donna, and one anarchist turned hostage taker with a secret identity. This bawdy, allusion-strewn countdown culminates in a short-lived moment of genuine affection. Sarah Bernhardt (Judith-Marie Bergan) and Eleanora Duse (Felicity Jones) are »

Abu Ghraib talks in ‘Dark Rooms’

November 12, 2004
Unbelievable! Shocking! Outrageous! “Jerry Springer” it ain’t, but the Yale Cabaret’s “Dark Rooms” is really only a bald bouncer and a few censored words away. Dark Rooms explores some of the cultural issues surrounding the Abu Ghraib prison scandal — issues of control, gender, responsibility, competition and media. Like the would-be Sen. Springer’s show, “Dark »