A Wonderful Neverland to Occupy your Weekend

November 11, 2011
At times, it is sad. At others, it is uplifting. Often, it evokes a sense of longing and, consistently, it is breathtaking. Yalies can discover the beauties of dance at this year’s A Different Drum’s fall show, which takes place this weekend. “Occupy Neverland,” the theme of this performance, is reflective of social woes today »

Saying ‘Yes’ to planking, a mixed bag

October 7, 2011
Big grins. “People actually die doing that, don’t they?” Arms coiled around cameras, poised to take pictures of my ultimate demise. Tourists. Demise? Well, I am lying on the Beinecke plaza ledge, trying to comprehend what exactly I have gotten myself into. For those who’re still confused about why I happened to be lying down, »

Yalies make conductive ‘Wires’

September 23, 2011
There have only been two times in my life in which I wish I were a man. One of them was when I heard Benedict Cumberbatch (yes, that’s his name, and he plays a mean Sherlock) drawl in a British accent (yum). The other one is more recent — just yesterday, when I heard The »