A Playbook for The Game

A Playbook for The Game

November 16, 2012
As some of you may be aware, each year Yale and Harvard engage in a storied sporting competition.
Dis guy right hurr.

Lookin’ for a Dollar

October 19, 2012
So Macklemore walks into a thrift shop with $20 dollars in his pocket. It’s not the beginning of a joke (or if it is, I haven’t heard it), but the genesis for the catchiest, funniest, most criminally irresistible song that could actually have you listening to something other than “Gangam Style” for once. Macklemore and »

A Long Stay in a Strange “Hotel”

October 5, 2012
It always confused me when Rolling Stone talked about music as if it were a math test. “Difficult,” “challenging,” “rewarding”: I struggled to see how listening to my iPod could have so much in common with manual labor. Music was music. It didn’t fight back or require hours of study, and if I didn’t like »

When the ratio of ass-kicked to runtime is high

September 21, 2012
In baseball, it’s called the Mendoza Line. A batting average of .200 is the last checkpoint on the slide into limbo. On the wrong side of that number, you have something to prove, or you’re headed to the bench. And so it is, strangely enough, with music. Something about the 2:00 mark makes us blanch. »