The concert scene

Being “that guy”

September 27, 2013
You’ve met me before. If you’ve ever been to a concert or listened to a live recording, you know who I am, and you have some opinion of me.
sum ppl lyk 2 party n dance w/molly n dats a bit much.

A Questionable Friend

September 6, 2013
The deaths at Electric Zoo were indicative of how the old music-and-drugs trope has evolved. The ever-increasing demand for stimulation that’s won hordes of fans for live dance music is also behind the new enthusiasm for Molly, which pairs well with the overwhelming stimulus of a dubstep set blasted through a weapons-grade speaker system. A new kind of music has found its new kind of drug.
But like wot even?

Anti-Fling, Against Itself

April 19, 2013
Despite a strong lineup, an evening of live music, and — maybe most importantly — a free open bar, Anti-Fling was decidedly off the beaten path.
Songwriting can be as simple as writing words on a piece of paper. Remember: verse-chorus-bridge!

Verse-Chorus-Bridge to Nowhere

March 29, 2013
I’m sure that at this very moment, someone somewhere is writing a song that would move me to tears with its verse-chorus-bridge simplicity. Not because of it, but despite it. A great song is a great song, formulaic or not.
Cheeky smile!

He can see Russia from his legislature

March 8, 2013
One could attach an easy narrative to someone who finds himself in state legislature at the age of 23: an earnest young politician, a lifelong dream fulfilled against all odds. That doesn’t quite fit Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins ’12, state representative for Alaska’s Southeast district.
A new crooner is born.

REVIEW: Michael Blume ’13, Soul Man

March 3, 2013
For all the buzz artists like Mayer Hawthorne and John Legend have created about the so-called “soul revival,” true crooners remain a rare breed. It’s a delicate sound and a risky one, but done well, it’s the red wine of music: When Frank Ocean broke into falsetto on last year’s Channel Orange, we all went »
WKND loves our old-school bands.

Vintage tunes: locally sourced food for your ears

March 1, 2013
There’s a scene in “Walking Dead,” AMC’s zombie apocalypse mini-series, when Sheriff Rick Grimes reveals to his band of survivors that they are all infected with the zombie virus. This is, of course, met with shock, despair, revulsion, etc. I hope you take it better when I tell you that, like me, you are all hipsters.
Blips and bleeps and dubstep drops that sound like robot dinosaurs having sex!

A Consideration of Electronic Composition

February 8, 2013
For decades, pop composition was all about coming up with new ways to use old tools. But today, that’s not always the case. The infinite variety of electronic “instruments,” blips and bleeps and dubstep drops that sound like robot dinosaurs having sex, has obliterated the limitations that necessitated compositional and instrumental innovation, innovation that caused music to evolve as it has.
Sketches be art 2, yo.

Rome at a glance

February 8, 2013
By admission of an introductory plaque at the Whitney Humanities Center’s “Alexander Purves: Roman Sketches,” the rough impressions inside a sketchbook are not meant for the public eye.

Yalie mixtape offers lulz, weed

January 21, 2013
“HaHa,” the title of the new mixtape by student rapper Jake Backer ’14 and producer Mad Dangerous (alum Will Hutchinson ’12), leaves some room for interpretation.
Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 3.47.05 AM

Moves like Jagger, that is, with a walker

January 18, 2013
Dear Mick: It’s time for you to die.
2012 is shaping up as the first year in which digital music sales will outpace CD sales. The times, they a-change.

My Flat, Donut-Shaped Friends

December 7, 2012
It was a good run, my donut-shaped friends, but it seems that the end is upon us. 2012 is shaping up as the first year in which digital music sales will outpace CD sales, the culmination of a trend that shows no inclination towards reversal.