Carrying our own weight

April 15, 2011 • 838
Yale students have many priorities — finishing waves of essays, rehearsing melodies for a cappella concerts, filling out countless job applications — so finding time to sleep, exercise and eat right can often become secondary. During these four years as undergraduates, how bad of a beating are our bodies really taking? And will we pay »

The secret lives of professors

February 24, 2011 • 12
Students often only know their professors as teachers — the intellectuals who espouse wisdom and administer midterms — but many do more than grade papers and conduct research when they step down from the lecture stand. The Yale faculty has among them rock singers and magicians, pilots and fly fishermen. Some professors said their non-academic »

Fire doors: pains and pleasures

April 24, 2010 • 0
When that little light next to your suite’s fire door glows green, a whole new world opens. A normal suite transforms into a lively highway, traveled by friends, friends of friends, and sometimes drunken strangers who can only mumble, “They said it was this way …” Fire door etiquette is complex. When someone passes through »

Survivor: Room Draw

April 20, 2010 • 0
Where was the tension higher—in the most recent episode of “Survivor” or in the concurrent room draws? Students competing for housing would benefit from adopting Survivor’s motto of “outwit, outplay, and outlast.” Who will be voted off the island? Who will be annexed? When considering suitemates, it pays to make alliances early. Wait too long, »