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The Political Pothole of Connecticut Transportation

April 25, 2014
On February 3, Mayor Toni Harp’s entrance into New Haven’s aldermanic chambers was nearly a foregone conclusion. After all, Harp’s distinguished legislative career as both an alder and a State Senator—and eventually Chair of the State Legislature’s powerful Appropriations Committee—certainly paved the way for the 2014 State of the City Address. During the campaign, her deep roots in New Haven were evident and, with the exception of a microscopic minority, she received the endorsements of New Haven’s entire political establishment.
The Brooklyn of New Haven?

Ninth Square Goes Back on the Grid

January 31, 2014
Nearly three years ago, Adele Ricciardi MED ’18 GRD ’18 moved to New Haven after having been a New Yorker for just under a year. After searching for housing in East Rock — an area popular among Yale graduate students — she settled in a neighborhood that reminded her of both her Big Apple home and her Albany, NY. roots. From the beginning, New Haven’s Ninth Square Historic District struck her as surprisingly Brooklynesque: a “charming, small” locale with galleries and a diversity of restaurants, a place without many chain stores.