DANIEL KAHNEMAN: Psychologist, economist, champion

February 22, 2013
Daniel Kahneman's 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was a remarkable achievement — especially given that he never took an economics class. A psychologist by training, Kahneman devoted his life to uncovering the cognitive biases and heuristics that plague our everyday decision-making. He is now a professor emeritus at Princeton University. On Wednesday afternoon, Kahneman delivered a lecture at SSS entitled "A Psychological Perspective on Rationality," in which he discussed ways to think about the irrational human mind. That night, WEEKEND asked Kahneman about his work, legacy and wife.
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Hack to the Future

February 1, 2013
Tech at Yale is here; it has been for several years. The challenge is finding a space for it to stay, and figuring out whether there’s enough room in the University’s old stone walls for both theory and practice.