Sagging Sophomore Strathcona

April 22, 2011
Dear freshmen: sophomore year is the worst. I know you probably think you are not gonna slump. I definitely didn’t think I would, because my freshman year was ~ePiC~. I felt like the hottest boy in the hood at the end of freshman year — everyone loved me and I loved everyone and I was »

Your culture is deceiving you

“Lift not the painted veil” — P.B. Shelley The world has always revolved with a certain stick in its axle. It is a phenomenon that is understandable only after the advanced observer harnesses a certain hardness of heart to the wanton callousness, ignorance, sloth, unfairness and greed that drives an economy of sadness and pain »

In a Yalesville state of mind

April 1, 2011
How many Yales can fit into one Connecticut? Apparently, two. There is the Yale we all know and love sometimes, the Yale with phony gothic towers and too many courtyards to count. But there is another Yale — a bit north of East Rock, a skip up the Wilbur Cross Parkway and just an exit »

Esther Chadwick: The Disasters of Art History

March 3, 2011
Esther Chadwick GRD ’15 has been thinking about art for a long time. During her youth in Britain, she studied photography and painting, and when it came time for university, she read Art History at Cambridge. Now she’s thinking about the discipline more than ever. In her fourth year pursuing a doctorate in History of »

Ophiuchus shrugged

February 4, 2011
Like millions of stupid Americans I freaked out last month when the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (what) reported that some astronomer decided there were actually 13 signs of the zodiac. Since then we’ve learned that the guy might have been wrong, or something, and for most people life returned to normal because they remembered the zodiac is »


January 28, 2011
Things an Eli needs to go out in January: gloves, scarf, fuzzy hat, parka. Optional: beer jacket. To survive New Haven’s harshest winters, some Yalies swear by this fleece alternative. Referring to the observation that consuming an alcoholic drink often causes one to feel warmer (the blood vessels dilate and the warm blood consequently flows »

Daughter of Eli, daughter of John

November 18, 2010
Eli Yale and John Harvard maintained strict “NO GIRLS ALLOWED” policies since the time their storied institutions were founded over three decades ago up until the latter half of the 20th century. Forty years after the gals first bust into the old boys club, great progress has been made toward gender equity — but, as »

Politically correct: a new birth of Federalism

October 22, 2010
Two hundred and fifty years ago, this great nation’s founding fathers, fed up with the overextended hand of the mammoth British monarchy, took matters into their own hands and crafted a new government, one that sought to control factionalism while still allowing for difference of opinion. These Federalists, as they were called, had in breaking »

‘Burger’ offers fancy cheese, no fries

October 15, 2010
I came to High Street Burger full, and I left hungry. I’ve always been a cheeseburger enthusiast; one summer, I gained at least 15 percent of my body weight because I refused to eat anything but McDonald’s. And this other time, I ate McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All time high. Eventually love handles »

Is Yale ready FOURLOKO

October 1, 2010
Call it “blackout in a can.” Since its whirlwind romance with college students began this June, Four Loko has taken the world by storm, becoming a veritable phenomenon faster, even, than Obama, The Beatles or American Eagle. Its name is veiled in mystique, and is quickly becoming a part of the vernacular of the young »

Reasons Why You’re Fat: SUPER BOWL EDITION

February 9, 2010
Dinner last night was ABSURD. I probably ate upwards of 2000 calories in one sitting, and it was somewhat glorious. What began as a burger and fries quickly became a burger, fries, another burger, more fries, popcorn, coke, a hot dog, and peas. I left the dining hall bloated and blissful, relishing in what was »

Reasons Why You’re Fat*: BOOOOOZE!

February 5, 2010
This week’s focus comprises the majority of Yale’s caloric intake: CHEAP BEER! From the fabled halls of Zeta to the annals of Bingham Hall, cheap beer serves as the backbone of Yale’s Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights (everyone knows Tuesday is the worst night to go out). Based on an informal survey »