Operation Magenta

November 18, 2011
It’s the weekend before The Game. Patrick Clark and Daniel Murphy, two “students” in the Harvard class of 2015, are preparing a petition. Their mission: to bring back Harvard Magenta, a hue that once colored the scarves of Cantab dandies and the jerseys of Cambridge athletes. Unbeknown to the students around them, Clark and Murphy »


October 21, 2011
It was the mid-1990s. Stacey Maples, a Southern Methodist University student at the time, was researching a multitude of archaeological sites in the rough and mountainous high desert surrounding Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was studying the anthropological remains of diverse villages and settlements, including those of hunter-gatherer tribes and agricultural communities. Traveling from site to »

Responding to Velazquez

January 14, 2011
After months in the Library Storage Facility, Diego Velazquez’s “The Education of the Virgin” is finally on view at the Yale University Art Gallery. Five WKNDers share their thoughts, feelings and doubts about the work. The damage done When I first saw Diego Velazquez’s “The Education of the Virgin,” I couldn’t help but notice the »

WEEKEND | Julian Assange’s resolution

January 6, 2011
As 2010 recedes into the distance, we can’t help but reflect on the questions that kept us up at night over the past twelve months. Questions like, “Wait – how could I have spent more time ordering #8 sandwiches at G-Heav than studying?” Or perhaps (SPOILER ALERT), “You guys, did that chick actually turn into »