Conn album is glam rock gone wild

February 23, 2007
Chicagoan Bobby Conn’s new experimental record “King for a Day” is almost as outlandish as his persona. The young glam-rocker — known for his makeup, his audience participation and his video monologues about satanic forces — has largely maintained the socially critical bent of his earlier albums. Long compositions, arranged with as many as 12 »

Nelson rocks country roots

November 3, 2006
Willie Nelson, reigning monarch of American music, offers part of his domain to collaborator Ryan Adams on his new album “Songbird.” The project is colored a little by Adams’ rock music but mostly by Nelson’s cultivated voice. Adams’ backing band, The Cardinals, definitely rocks Nelson, but the country always shines through. After all, His Highness »

Thile teaches us how to grow a woman

October 20, 2006
If bluegrass never excited you before, “How to Grow a Woman from the Ground” is guaranteed to turn you on to the twang. The album is the third solo effort from 25-year-old mandolinist Chris Thile of the band Nickel Creek. Thile combines dance-inducing instrumentals with bluegrass-infused rock and blues to fashion a record that is »