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Yale’s Big Break

April 5, 2013
The newest generation of Ivy League-educated Hollywood hopefuls is a more ambitious, more prepared lot. This year marks the decade anniversary of Yale in Hollywood, Bulldog Productions — Yale’s undergraduate filmmaking group — and the 30th anniversary of the Yale Film Studies Center. But some wonder how much these resources can really add to the prospects of those trying to break in.
"The Secret of Kells" is hand-drawn artistry.

“The Secret of the Kells”: An Illuminated Manuscript Brought to Life

February 15, 2012
The whole thing reads like a grand optical illusion. While the last two movies I reviewed – “The Iron Giant” and “Grave of the Fireflies” – sought to subvert animation stereotypes, Cartoon Saloon’s 2009 The Secret of the Kells selects and spotlights the treasures of hand-drawn artistry still undiscovered. The visual style is very consciously »

“The Iron Giant”: comforting, nostalgic and not really meant for kids

February 1, 2012
During a decade aptly termed both The Space Age and The Atomic Age, there was permeating fear of alien things falling from space. In Brad Bird’s 1999 animated feature “The Iron Giant,” set in the late 50’s, a massive robot lands in coastal New England to be discovered the film’s young protagonist Hogarth Hughes. The »

A seductive, if ancient, ‘Tiger at the Gates’

September 30, 2011
The tiger is war, but it is also destiny. In the age of Ulysses, Hector, Paris and Helen, it was the Trojan War. In the age of Giradoux, the French playwright of “Tiger at the Gates,” it was World War II, seething, building, ready to pounce. The current production Sarah Maslin ’14 is more pensive »


September 23, 2011
It begins (and ends) with silence. And darkness. The lights dim and the performers, their writing/directing/acting, transport us — we leave reality, the Earth, to be part of a theatrical space. In their new Cabaret program hundredyearspacetrip, Kate Attwell DRA ’13 and Nina Segal take on the roles of astronauts, using outer space as a »