I spy with my little eye a SWAT team!

A Day of Mike-Alpha-Yankee-Hotel-Echo-Mike

December 6, 2013
Police scanners and Twitter have a lot in common, it turns out. Both face space and time constraints, for one thing. A police officer talking on a radio needs speed — usually someone’s hurt, in danger, requires backup. On Twitter, at least in the news biz, one aims to scoop. In both formats, you’ve got to break it down for your audience.

The Incubation Period

September 21, 2012
The artificial incubation of eggs is an ancient practice. Writing in the year 400 B.C., Aristotle described the Egyptian method of warming and hatching eggs spontaneously in dung heaps, and documents have revealed that the Chinese developed artificial incubation as early as 246 B.C. Until modern times, knowledge of incubation practices remained a closely guarded »

Student activist groups plan bazaar

September 7, 2012
In the declining light of this past Monday evening, standing in a semi-circle in front of the war memorial at Beinecke Plaza, approximately 50 students were — they recited each in turn — pissed off. “At Yale, in America, in society in general, social concerns are increasingly subordinate to economic concerns … The way the »
Shelly Kagan also teaches a class called DEATH.

A Letter of Sympathy

August 31, 2012
To: the freshman who showed up to the senior and grad philosophy seminar on Derek Parfit, taught by professors Shelly Kagan and Stephen Darwall From: Cora Lewis Hey, it was worth a shot. I’ll admit I didn’t catch your name, or even a real good look at you, sitting as I was with my body »

Allison Williams ‘10: One of the ‘Girls’

April 13, 2012
Q. Lena Dunham, the show’s writer, has said that a lot of what’s in “Girls” comes directly from her life and the lives of other cast members — A. Right, for instance the tattoos that Lena has, that she shows in the first episode, are all real. It was Jemima Kirke, who plays Jessa, who »
The Victoria and Albert Museum in question.

Notes Towards a Eulogy: Or, Some Nails in the Coffin of Postmodernism

January 13, 2012
According to the Victoria and Albert Museum (it’s British + I’m abroad this term = your WKND view peg), I missed postmodernism by five days. An exhibit there, which closes this Sunday, could double as a tombstone epitaph for the movement: “Postmodernism: Style and Subversion, 1970-1990.” Being born on Jan. 5, 1991, I apparently came »

Lupe (hardly a) Fiasco, in his own words

April 22, 2011
Throwback! Last year, feminist undergrad publication Broad Recognition interviewed the Ying Yang Twins about their misogynistic and violent lyrics after the crunk rap duo was selected to be a Spring Fling headliner. [An excerpt: Yang: Although we have deroga­tory lyrics — in the sit­u­a­tions that we rep­re­sent, to those women, the lyrics are not deroga­tory. »

Philosophies, Past and Phuture: A Pheature Story

April 1, 2011
I heard a story recently. Maybe it was a joke. A philosophy joke. [Are those a thing? A man walks into a cave … ] “Asking what ‘kind’ or ‘brand’ of philosophy is taught at Yale is like asking the Coca-Cola Company a question about making Coke. They would say, ‘We don’t make Coke. We »

Iason Athanasiadis, Argonaut-Free

March 3, 2011
Fresh from the barricades of Cairo, freelance journalist and photographer Iason Athanasiadis spoke to students in Luce Hall on Monday, recounting dodging stones in Tahrir Square and hiding out in a mosque to escape the roving bands of Mubarak’s thugs. Athanasiadis has covered the Middle East, Central Asia and the southeast Mediterranean since 1999 and »

Naïve lessons ‘From Outer Space’

February 18, 2011
A young man on a stage finger-paints the universe. He reduces nebulae, black holes and novas to identical childish blobs. Then the juvenile artist crumples the page — literally adding another dimension to the piece. This scene, the opening of the endearing “I’m From Outer Space,” also crudely illustrates the play’s central conceit: a honeyed, »

A 20-year-old looks back on Maynard, life

January 28, 2011
A year ago yesterday, J. D. Salinger died. He died in New Hampshire, alone, in a house I imagine to be cold and filled with unpublished work. (Professional journalists confirm the second assumption.) “He was not in pain before or at his time of death,” said his literary representative in the New York Times obituary. »

Black Swan’s Way

January 21, 2011
Cue Tchaikovsky. Cut lights. WKND PRESENTS: The saga of Yale’s thoroughly un-dramatic second-semester dance auditions CONTRASTED WITH the cinematic triumph that is Darren Aronofsky’s psychological indie film and Oscar favorite Black Swan.