On the Interwebz: Gnomes @ work

February 10, 2011
So, there’s this video going around — a YouTube video, of course, because I don’t think I’ve set eyes on an actual VHS tape since the early years of the Bush administration — of Katie Couric, in 1994, trying to understand this newfangled thing called “the Internet.” Katie starts off the clip by debating the »

WEEKEND | Diet Pepsi, Now With Even More Skinny

February 9, 2011
Diet Pepsi announced Tuesday that it’s launching a new can, just in time for Fashion Week (although you won’t be able to bursar one at Durfee’s until March). And in keeping with that week’s emphasis on the somewhat emaciated, the can’s redesign is emphasizing the skinny: the dimensions have changed from your typical old soda »

WEEKEND | Hulu Plus Ruins Everything

February 2, 2011
The other day, I sat down to enjoy an episode of “Modern Family” on Hulu instead of doing my homework, only to discover (five tantalizing minutes into the show) that I would have to purchase something called “Hulu Plus” in order to continue watching. Apparently, it now costs $7.99 a month for me to watch »

On the Interwebz: The internet is stealing my education

January 28, 2011
I feel a little left out of the whole proposed on-campus smoking ban, because I don’t smoke. Even the students I know who do smoke mostly live off-campus already, and there aren’t a huge number of them to begin with — as social issues go, smoking is a bit passé. If you really wanted to »

WEEKEND | Stop Procrastinating: Kill the Internet

January 26, 2011
Last finals period, I was that sad person who lived in Starbucks — not because I have a coffee addiction, but because I’m too dumb to figure out how the internet works there (if you tell me, I will find you and end you). I can no longer get any work done, ever, if I »

WEEKEND | WEEKEND live blogs the Golden Globes

January 16, 2011
WEEKEND live blogs the Golden Globes. Golden Globes Live Blog

On the interwebz: Computer foreplay

January 14, 2011
Two winters ago, I went to turn my laptop on, and it entered a state of what I like to think of as “torturous computer foreplay” — it pinged on, went to a blue screen and started loading. And loading. And loading. Four hours later, in desperation, I googled “computer won’t load” on my mother’s »

WEEKEND | A native tells us where to eat in Cambridge

November 18, 2010
I’ve lived in the enemy stronghold—sorry, I mean Cambridge, Mass. —my whole life, minus 2.5 years of college. I spent most of that time eating, which says only sad things about my life, but which is a good thing for you. Reap the benefits of my insider knowledge of cheap-ass local cuisine: Felipe’s Taqueria (83 »

WEEKEND | Boredatsterling: for those who miss JuicyCampus

November 16, 2010
A tiny part of you misses Juicy Campus — just admit it. The new collegeabc thing or whatever it’s called has a terrible, ugly, hard-to-use interface and not enough traffic to be interesting, so how are you supposed to procrastinate/get revenge on that girl that cheated on you? Well, students at Dartmouth have found a »

WEEKEND | Beatles catalogue comes to iTunes, Apple doesn’t let it be

November 15, 2010
Apple officially owns the world. And by “the world,” I mean “the complete Beatles catalogue,” which is expected to be available on iTunes starting Tuesday at 10:00 AM. Right now (“right now” being prior to Tuesday at 10:00 AM) the Apple homepage says “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget” in huge, aesthetically »

WEEKEND | Facebook now does everything

November 15, 2010
Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, the fact that my grandmother doesn’t use Facebook chat makes my life impossibly complicated?” Yeah, nobody has. But apparently the creepy/genius engineers behind Facebook’s constant, endlessly confusing “improvements” have, because in the next few months they’ll be rolling out a new feature, designed to make communicating with Grandma »

Cohen: Kanye’s Paranoid Dark Twitter Fantasy

November 12, 2010
Last Monday, Kanye West got up in the middle of a plane flight to perform a song from his new album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” for the passengers. Barely more than 24 hours later, that album received five stars from Rolling Stone magazine, and the clean version of almost every track leaked online. Any »