Buried beneath the Green: skulls, bones, et cetera

October 31, 2003 • 0
The Center Church Crypt is the perfect setting of a good ghost story. The story might go something like this: one gray, dreary afternoon, a hapless reporter entered a seemingly empty church. The door slammed behind her. She heard a creak and whipped her head around to discover, horrified — Harold Peck, a smiling man »

Not just for geeks: hot gadgets and the Yalies who love them

March 7, 2003 • 0
I am not a so-called “gadget guru.” I barely know how to use my cell phone — it took me two months to learn how to check voicemail. For me, it’s all about the fashion. Even though I always find myself doggedly promoting Macs over PC’s, all I really know is that my Powerbook is »

Anti-Hollywood, anti-CNN ‘Lost Films’ mock traditional media

February 28, 2003 • 0
Throwing a pie in someone’s face is always a good way to get your message across. So is making a film. And tonight’s Lost Film Festival proves it. Promoting itself as the anti-Hollywood and anti-CNN on its website, the Lost Film Festival — which was founded in 1999 — is sometimes repetitive, but generally delivers »

Yalie gets gig at the Apollo and TV exposure

January 31, 2003 • 0
Kersten Stevens ’06 signed up for the Funk music class because she thought it sounded cool. She did not realize at the time that she actually had personal experience with some of the music legends the class would study. Reading about Ray Charles, she can think back to April 2002, when she not only met, »

Dissecting the York St. food cart community

November 22, 2002 • 0
It takes Franco Gonzalez about two minutes to make a burrito. That gives his customers just enough time to dance to half of a Latin song blaring from the radio that sits on top of his burrito stand. Gonzalez works at Roomba’s food cart, one of three carts near York and Elm. Along with Roomba’s »