Fashion mistake: the boys of the YDN model

September 24, 2004
I’ve been looking forward to the men’s fashion spread from Sunday’s The New York Times Magazine since I heard about it last April. Photographed at Yale and featuring Yale undergrads as models, the shoot generated quite a bit of controversy when news of it first hit campus. Rumors flew about the casting: “Did you hear »

Photo professors take on a bigger picture

September 17, 2004
Where other people see a movie theater carpet strewn with popcorn, Lisa Kereszi sees a night-sky — the swirling pattern of the rug the backdrop for the sparkling stars of popped corn. Where other people see a cheap carnival toy, David Hilliard sees a symbol of changing definitions of masculinity. Where other people see a »

Bocce & Scones

September 10, 2004
You’re walking back to your dorm room from a frat party around midnight on Thursday night. You’re covered in beer, your ears are ringing and, not having been able to keep up a conversation with anyone, you’re alone. What a way to start the weekend. As you walk across Old Campus, you notice what looks »

Summer lovin’: had us a blast

September 3, 2004
No matter where you were this summer — whether fighting for affirmative action in South Africa, working a high-powered internship on Wall Street or scooping ice cream at the local sweet shop — there are a few cultural landmarks you must have heard about. Google entered the stock market. Bill Clinton wrote his autobiography. Michael »

Heellllooo, New Haven!

April 23, 2004
At 11:30, Tyler Trudeau sits at Koffee Too, sipping his cup of tea and talking excitedly about the New Haven music scene. Wearing a red striped polo shirt, dark jeans and black Converse sneakers, 23-year-old Trudeau could easily pass for a Yale student on a midday break. But Trudeau is actually the lead singer and »

From bobs to blondes, hot spring hair is here

April 2, 2004
Look around any lecture hall, and you’ll see a preponderance of ponytails, the busy girl’s best friend. Luckily, out of this season’s four big hair trends, three are entirely doable for the time-pressed college girl. And one is only for Jessica Simpson. See if you can guess which is which. Messy Chic Big hair is »

Payne pays special visit to Yale film

March 26, 2004
Yale is no stranger to the limelight. Given visits from film luminaries such as Spike Lee and Meryl Streep, Alexander Payne’s upcoming Master’s Tea may at first seem like just another instance of a Hollywood star sweeping through the Yale campus. Payne, who directed 1996’s “Citizen Ruth” and wrote and directed 1999’s “Election,” won a »

Oscar or Oscar?

February 27, 2004
Even if you are an avid movie-goer, chances are you haven’t heard of Keisha Castle-Hughes. But this Sunday night, Castle-Hughes, the thirteen-year-old star of the small New Zealand film “Whale Rider,” is up for an Oscar against such Hollywood staples as Charlize Theron and Naomi Watts. Although the 76th Annual Academy Awards promises to be »


February 20, 2004
If this year’s Superbowl halftime show teaches us anything, it’s that the media loves nudity. But if that “nipple guard” had been guarding a Yale student’s breast, it would probably have generated only slightly less buzz. As we learned back in 2000, when the Yale skin-flick “The StaXXX” drew a host of international press outlets »

Haute dining hall cuisine?

February 6, 2004
Look down at your dining hall tray. Does it contain one of the following items: a chicken cordon bleu sandwich, ground beef and green bean casserole or seafood salad? If so, you should be ashamed. But don’t despair, dear reader, there is hope for your lunch yet. Tired of eating the same minimally appetizing food »

The AIM game: play it?

January 16, 2004
“It’s a big way to procrastinate and probably does more harm than good, but feels good while you’re doing it, I guess,” Mike Kai ’05 said. Get your minds out of the gutter, kids. Kai is referring to AOL Instant Messenger, commonly referred to as AIM or IM. Even if you don’t use AIM, you »


November 14, 2003
Take a nap. Go for a walk. These are two of the 33 activities to do instead of smoking that are suggested by Smoke Free at Yale, a campus health education group dedicated to encouraging a smoke-free environment at Yale. But for many Yalies, napping or strolling just will not substitute for their nicotine fix. »