The end is high

April 23, 2010 • 0
Yalies are a species. Phenotypically scruffier than our Harvard peers, we transcend their bourgeois, AA Platinum aspirations. Yale alums prefer cultural capital to capital, shirking the corporate ladder for artistically inclined, socially conscious, poorly paid employ. We also dress weirdly and travel in packs. The New York Observer documented this phenomenon in an article this »

3-D Avatars of Ultimate Intimacy

April 2, 2010 • 0
MACRO SHOT — The tendrils INTERTWINE with gentle undulations. JAKE rocks with the direct contact between his nervous system and hers. The ultimate intimacy. They come together into a kiss and sink down on the bed of moss, and ripples of light spread out around them. THE WILLOWS sway, without wind, and the night is »

ChatRoulette goes collegiate on RandomDorm.com

March 19, 2010 • 3
Do you want to connect with bored strangers, but fear the wayward genitalia of ChatRoulette? Well, college students now have their own filtered realm of stranger play with randomdorm.com. The principle remains the same — interface with a randomer and click “next” if you’re bored, disgusted or afraid — but logging in on RandomDorm requires »

Digital damage control

February 26, 2010 • 2
So it’s the day after a random hook-up with a new someone, and you want to make contact. Your goal: express interest while keeping your self-esteem protected from the sting of rebuff. Your hope: a date maybe, a repeat hook-up or the establishment of tap-able back-burner ass. There are many different technological possibilities, from texting »

Rape fantasy alert

February 12, 2010 • 4
Meet Roxxxy. Five-foot-seven, 120 pounds, sexually insatiable and fascinated by everything you say. She is the world’s first sex robot. Unlike your standard issue Real Doll, Roxxxy is interactive, touch sensitive, and inspired by Sept. 11. After the World Trade Center attacks, New Jersey inventor Donald Hines decided to design a program that could store »

Point/Point: Crunches versus glasses

January 29, 2010 • 0
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Sexy vs. Skinny

January 15, 2010 • 0
Going to the gym wasn’t a New Year’s resolution. It was a Jan. 3 resolution. The first few days of January are the grim vortex of winter break. I’d already spent over a week as a blob, but school was too far away to inspire productivity. The outdoor nippiness was no longer the subject of »


November 6, 2009 • 3
Last Friday the student body received the usual don’t-rape-someone-this-weekend e-mail from Dr. Carole Goldberg, which accompanies such rape-likely occasions as Halloween and the Freshman Screw. Stay safe, it urged, don’t hurt people and, in the third bullet point, it got a little frisky: “It is our wish to […] strengthen the resolve of those who »

The decade that never dies

October 23, 2009 • 0
Patrick Bateman likes videotapes and cocaine. By day, he is a Wall Street investor, absorbed by the inanities of facial regimen and business card hue. By night, he orders prostitutes to his home, then tortures, rapes and kills them. Bret Easton Ellis’ “American Psycho” is a satire of ’80s yuppie culture, and its protagonist a »

Purge that stress

October 9, 2009 • 0
China cares about your well-being. The country’s universities aren’t ignoring the crippling anxiety of their student bodies, but rather building whole rooms with foam walls so that kids can work out their issues. There are sandbags for punching, rubber mannequins for wrestling and soundproofed chambers if you need a good scream. Or if you saw »

No money, no problems, no cry

October 2, 2009 • 0
First came the blogs, then the magazine features and finally a mention in the International Herald Tribune. You can find a listing for Recession Art’s second show, opening this Saturday, in Time Out New York. The economy has grown since April and so has Recession Art, an organization composed largely of recent Yale and Wesleyan »

Gordon: Cells gone wild

September 25, 2009 • 1
I felt totally unsexy as a woman prodded my breasts Wednesday morning. The prodding was a routine part of my gynecological checkup and, looking around, all the signifiers of a sexy time were in place. There was a bottle of lube on the table. There were condoms in a nearby bowl. The gynecologist even taught »