City festivals try to cast a wider net

September 30, 2005
On a blue-skied Sunday afternoon, some 40 people sprawl on the lawn of pastoral Edgerton Park, located in the affluent area sandwiched between New Haven and Hamden. They have congregated to listen to a band of jovial Caucasian men and women, mostly middle-aged, who strum on guitars and serenely sing acoustic renditions of folk music »

Director to visit Yale

September 23, 2005
Even though the title suggests a collision of communion and cross-dressing, the film “The Last Bissu: Sacred Transvestites of I La Galigo” is not a collaborative effort between St. Thomas More and the LGBT Co-op. “Bissu” is an award-winning documentary directed by Rhoda Grauer that offers a glimpse into a dying Indonesian religion whose transvestite »

Brits bring the Bard to Yale

September 9, 2005
Yalies are dramatic, of course — in every way from Dramat shows to performances in the boudoir. But when it comes to performing Shakespeare, Yale thespians confront our one stumbling block to dramatic authenticity: our glaring lack of English accents. Fortunately, with its Sept. 12 performance of “Much Ado About Nothing,” the Cambridge University American »

How to fill this club in five easy steps

September 2, 2005
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Featuring swimsuit-clad bartenders, private cabanas and exotic fruits blended into tropical drinks, the newly opened Crown Street bar Hula Hank’s evokes images of a white sand beach in the South Pacific. Resembling a locale beautiful enough to stage a season of “Survivor,” Hula »

Graduates reminisce about their Yale years

April 22, 2005
As commencement draws near, many graduating Elis will look back on their four years to examine what they will take away from their undergraduate experience. Some Yalies graduate with near-perfect GPAs, many leave campus with lifelong friendships and an unfortunate few depart with broken hearts. Others, however, pack up their belongings and move out with »

Can the Elm City ever be cool?

April 22, 2005
For many Yalies, living in New Haven is akin to dealing with a pesky younger brother — you can’t seem to get away from him. As popular conception holds, the city is a little bit dirty, sometimes excessively rambunctious, and too small for its own good. But even annoying siblings can grow up to be »

Rhythmic Blue swings, sneezes — and yes — dances to success

April 15, 2005
In a dimly lit room illuminated by the soft glow of a lone yellow light, throngs of girls bump and grind, almost in formation, to the irresistible beats of Usher’s “Caught Up.” From the sides, guys look on, only to swoop down and initiate the primal mating ritual of hip-hop dance. Offended at the thought, »

Making it big by 30: a how-to

April 8, 2005
Want to be a politician? As the popular stereotype has it, Yalies entering politics are about as common as prepubescent Abercrombie-shoppers-in-training ravaging the clothing racks at Hollister & Co. From John Kerry ’66 to George W. Bush ’68, it seems like you can’t turn on C-Span without seeing a son of Eli. Yale has cultivated »

Trying to break into television

March 25, 2005
Upstart television stations always encounter an uphill battle when working to establish themselves in the cutthroat broadcast television industry. Case in point: The WB has come a long way from its meager “Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane” beginnings to striking the “jackpot” with ratings-friendly “The O.C.” predecessors like “Smallville.” Even more daunting, though, is starting »

Ingalls Rink: it’s a whale of a tale

March 4, 2005
Among undergraduates at Yale, the distinctive architectural style of Morse and Ezra Stiles colleges is usually met with, at best, grudging acceptance or, at worst, unforgiving condemnation. But among architects, Morse and Stiles comprise two of the last accomplishments of acclaimed modern architect Eero Saarinen ’34, whose career, work on Ingalls Rink and unrealized plans »

Meet New Haven’s barbershop quartet

February 18, 2005
Jonathan Sherman-Presser ’06 needed a shave. Badly. After growing out a thick beard, Sherman-Presser decided it was time to part ways with his facial hair, but he would not accept just any beard trim; this time, he wanted a manly one. Sherman-Presser, who admits that his “overbearing Jewish mother” sent him to salons for haircuts »

Read this ‘Book’ about death in a small town

February 18, 2005
The Yale Dramatic Association’s freshman performers tackle a play with roles and issues much older than themselves in this weekend’s performance of Lanford Wilson’s “Book of Days.” While the show is not perfect, it proves to be a worthwhile opportunity to preview the potential of the organization’s rising talent. Set in the rural town of »