Meet Francis, the cutest pig ever to be found on the streets of India.

Case 93 – Part II

February 8, 2013 • 3287
Stella Hart disappeared a week later. At first I just searched for her at the corner teashop where I had first found her. But then I was able to get a warrant for her apartment. It was barren, except for the bathtub in the back corner.
Just a couple of kids chillin' with their friend, the elephant.

Case 93 – Part I

February 1, 2013 • 0
I’m the only one who was ever able to interview Stella Hart about Ajit Agarkar’s disappearance, something I now understand they did on purpose. It took Agarkar being gone for six years and my buying Hart a cup of tea at the teashop on Apollo Street every day for a year in order for her to allow me to step into her sunroom with my tape recorder.
The Ghost of Tailgates Past

The Ghosts of Tailgates Past

November 16, 2012 • 0
I’ve lived through a lot of tailgates. I saw the U-haul era with no rules, the U-haul era with some rules, and the tennis courts with lots of rules. I’ve seen the Harvard tailgate, which was so boring I had to leave.
Cheerleaders in Dallas... raging and engaging.

Looking to rage or getting engaged?

November 2, 2012 • 32
When I landed in Dallas to visit my friend at Southern Methodist University, her hair was blonder than I remembered. In the car we didn’t put the music on, we talked — we hadn’t missed a beat. We were different — she said “y’all” and her hair was bleached, mine was brown and I was »
Don't know about you, Chloe, but WEEKEND would never let go of that beautiful toga.

How to cure your “Sunday Weirds”

October 5, 2012 • 0
I wasn’t able to truly comprehend the idea of the “Sunday Weirds” until I woke up after Marathon Weekend (toga, tailgate, RAD)[1] with cornrows in my hair. Yes, these cornrows did have colorful star beads dangling from them, and no, I didn’t fly to Jamaica to get them. I walked into a dorm room in »

Yale Daily News multimedia special feature: DKE!

Contributing Reporters Natalie Papillion, Chloe Drimal and Whitney Schumacher investigated the legendary fraternity of former presidents George W. Bush ’68 and his father George H.W. Bush ’48. Watch for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the famed house, its bar, its bathroom and even DKE President Jordan Forney’s ’11 bedroom.