No Haven

September 6, 2013
The struggle for the Q House highlights the determination of New Haven residents to solve the two major problems contributing to the rise of youth violence in the city: the lack of widespread youth services and the need for youth job opportunities. It also spotlights the indifference of city officials who, these residents claim, have been slow to fund the reopening of the House.

Youth: A Selection

March 1, 2013
I have always believed that art should imitate life.

This Is Not Imitation

November 9, 2012
When I saw Kyra Fey and Edyn Panache perform together at Partners Café for the first time one Friday night this past October, I felt as if I were watching two complete strangers. It wasn’t the exterior appearance of my two friends that obscured my ability to recognize them — no amount of make-up could »

Professors have Facebook too!

September 30, 2011
He is never without his camera. Whether it’s Capture the Flag in the Ezra Stiles courtyard, Class Day, or students chatting in the Buttery, Stiles College Master Stephen Pitti takes pride in documenting Stilesian life. Jumbled amongst the pictures of family, his wife and his children on his Facebook profile, are the smiling faces of »

‘Reverie’ pretty as a dream (and as sensical)

September 2, 2011
When I first saw the huge sign that reads “‘Ceci n’est pas une reverie’ [This isn’t a dream]: The Architecture of Stanley Tigerman” in the Rudolph Hall Gallery, I thought, “French architecture! Tres cool!” To my dismay, as I stepped further into the gallery, I was immediately greeted by the child-like face of what I »

3, 2, 1… It’s Cafe Nine time!

January 28, 2011
One can only imagine the multitudes of people that once packed themselves into the tiny interior of Cafe Nine on a typical weekend night to see their favorite local artists play. Those days may be long gone, but the music venue will be reopening its doors to the New Haven community tonight, after two weeks »

WEEKEND | 15 minute biscuits

November 26, 2010
If your family is anything like mine, Thanksgiving is a time for exchanging not just gratitude, but favorite recipes as well. Dishes of year’s past have ranged from my aunt’s traditional Jamaican jerk pork to my cousin’s delicious red velvet cake with cheesecake filling. But for the culinarily-impaired, Thanksgiving can be a rather daunting event—until »

WEEKEND | Football? Nah.

November 19, 2010
Football not your sport? No worries. There are a multitude of things to do in Boston while the rest of us cheer on the Bulldogs to victory. If you’re interested in history (or just eager to burn the calories you gained at the tailgate), you can take a walk down Boston’s Freedom Trail. The two »

WEEKEND | Brits seem to do it better when it comes to SKINS

November 5, 2010
Call me a traitor, but when it comes to “SKINS” — the British teen drama about to jump the pond and come to the United States — the Brits definitely do it better. I may be jumping the gun here: the American version of “SKINS” doesn’t premier on MTV until January 2011. But judging from »

Size doesn’t matter in music library exhibit

November 5, 2010
October 13 marked the opening of “Encountering the Other,” an exhibit at the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library. With an emphasis on the music of “the other,” the exhibition is a culmination of extractions of non-Western music from the library’s otherwise predominately Western music collection. The exhibit was curated by Emily Ferrigno, who began her »


October 1, 2010
The walls of his home are covered with many faces. Eyes glaring, they are those of criminals, victims, activists, rulers. Their skin is made up of words, elegant typefaces, watermarks, currencies and documents of history. These are the faces ingrained in the mind of artist Jason Noushin. Immediately, Noushin’s demeanor exudes kindness, enthusiasm and excitement »


October 1, 2010
Her studio is devoid of white. The paintings perched upon and placed against the walls collectively form a vibrant mosaic of colors, movement, and emotion. Even the splattered paint on the wood floor adds its touch to the mixture. Two spectators look intently at her work as Megan Craig ’97 stands in the corner, with »