Zinc knocks it out of the park

November 11, 2011
Restaurant week is the happiest time of the year. It gives Yale students an excuse to eat really well for a (somewhat) affordable price, and I took advantage of it. On Wednesday, I dined at Zinc for their $16.38 (what a trashy-looking number!) lunch special. It. Was. Phenomenal. The feel for lunch, however, was different »

Breaking: Bad webshows

November 4, 2011
I think it’s time I come clean: I am a TV addict. I just can’t get enough of it. I’ve watched it all. From the greats like “Arrested Development” and “The West Wing” to the worst like “Ally McBeal” and “2 Broke Girls,” I watch it. And I don’t just watch it when it comes »

Three’s a trend

September 30, 2011
Back in the day, trends followed a general rule of threes. We’re told this is how saddle shoes and Hula-Hoops became a thing. But with the advent of Twitter, trending, as it were, has been revolutionized. These days, a simple # is all it takes and voilà! A trend is born. Carolyn Lipka and Jane »
Illustrations by David Yu

Point: Just gimme a chance

September 23, 2011
Many people are satisfied with the smorgasbord of comedy at their disposal here at Yale. I am not one of them — I say there should be more. The two (or is it three now?) sketch comedy groups are decently hilarious despite the fact that some of their skits will fall flat. Out of the »

Guest Column: Party raids and getting sneaky

September 16, 2011
For the outsider, navigating Yale’s social life seems fairly formulaic. Wednesday? Roam around listening for a pregame and then hit up Toad’s (with a Yale ID). Thursday? The bars around Park Street and SAE late-night. Friday? Check out a party suite in the colleges — there’s sure to be something going on. Saturday? Off campus »

Yale’s archives get a little too excited

September 9, 2011
The Beinecke’s current exhibition, “Multitudes: A Celebration of the Yale Collection of American Literature, 1911-2011,” exists to boast the impressive abundance and historical significance of Yale’s American literature archive. The exhibit is not what the name might suggest. Rather than a collection of great American works, it is an exploration of what makes American literature »

The American restaurant you were waiting for also kinda fusion-y

September 2, 2011
As someone who lives on campus, I eat out way too much. While at one point last year I ate at Ivy Noodle so frequently I had a tab, and the Yorkside waitresses know me by name, I can’t say that I haven’t been looking for new places with higher-quality options. The new Box 63 »

Despite slurs, Lupe is no Fiasco

April 28, 2011
Finding a successful headliner for Spring Fling is no easy task. Yalies demand a lot from the performer: excitement, big name, high energy, impeccable performance, danceability. And, after all initial doubts, Lupe Fiasco exceeded expectations, ensuring that this year’s Spring Fling was a success. The set itself was nothing short of spectacular. Fiasco involved the »

stalkTALK brings mediocre to the smallest screen

April 8, 2011
Entertainment on the Internet, particularly on YouTube, is incredibly perplexing. Countless talented singers put their music on these forums, hoping to get discovered — but the instant fame they seek goes to the Rebecca Blacks of the web. Web series face a much different set of challenges: CollegeHumor videos are almost universally popular (see: “Jake »

New salon somehow exceeds expectations

March 25, 2011
Before visiting Salon J, I had only let two people cut my hair: my longtime hairdresser and myself. I had only had my hair colored in small bathrooms with crappy products. After experiencing the kindness of the hairdressers and the quality of the experience at Salon J, I will probably be paying them another visit »

Watered down Colombia at ‘La Cascada’

February 11, 2011
A good dining experience is all about the atmosphere. From the moment one enters a restaurant, the tone for the meal is set. Mood lighting, music, aromas — every one of the senses adds to how one expects the meal. So, from the moment one enters La Cascada, the new Colombian restaurant in New Haven, »

Criss-crsd and mismatched in ‘Strcrs’d’

January 21, 2011
What do a drag queen, a harp, Lady Gaga, sequins, “Mean Girls,” strobe lights, ballet en pointe and Shakespeare all have in common? They all feature prominently in Alejandro Bustillos’ ’11 senior project, “StrCrs’d.” The show is composed of six short skits, each representing a different character from Shakespearean tragedies. The show offers a completely »