Administrative angst

‘Spinning into Butter’: A Conversation Starter

April 26, 2013
Did you know that Ron Paul went to Colgate University this week and admitted to an Eritrean student that he was racist?
Don't you wish you wore this to prom?

‘Edwardian Opulence’: a decadent feast for the mind

April 12, 2013
The Yale Center for British Art’s exhibit “Edwardian Opulence” is a veritable feast for all the senses. The two-floored exhibition, which serves as an artistic and cultural representation of the opulence of the Edwardian era — 1900 to 1913 — provides audiences with a taste of the era that expands far beyond the typical portraits »

Falling into the ‘Abyss:’ A Must-See

March 29, 2013
"Abyss” is this semester’s most creative show — it has no script.
Yes, this is our natural hair color.

And In That Moment I Swear We Were All Gretchen Wieners

March 1, 2013
When my editor first asked me to write a view, his only instruction was that I “be funny.”
Actors in "Circus" get pulchritudinous.

Pulchritudinous but painful

November 30, 2012
Bad Romantics is Yale’s resident drag troupe. They’re putting on a show this weekend entitled “Circus,” and theatricality is the theme that connects all the acts. There are stilts! There are wigs! There are cat costumes! It really is a circus.
Tailgate Food

What to put in your body

November 16, 2012
I wouldn’t exactly call myself a seasoned tailgater.
How do we look?

New York buzzes with fashion bees

September 14, 2012
Last Thursday night, the fashion masses flooded the streets of New York and 500 other cities around the world. This was Fashion’s Night Out, and the city unrolled the fanfare. In SoHo, Broadway looked like High Street during the first night of camp Yale. Completely flooded with doe-eyed fashion amateurs (freshmen), condescending veterans of the »

Passion Pit won’t put you to sleep

April 20, 2012
All your manic pixie dream girl/boy Spring Fling wishes will be fulfilled with the impending arrival of Passion Pit on Old Campus’ stage. With only one EP and one full-length studio album to the band’s name, it isn’t overreaching to expect everyone to be singing along with the high pitched vocals of lead singer Michael »

Seems Like Old Times?

March 30, 2012
1945 On a hot Sunday afternoon in 1945, 17-year-old Kemerer Edwards ’49 hurried across Old Campus. He stood at a staggering 6-foot-4, his brown hair waving in the August breeze over handsome cheekbones as he entered Dwight Hall for a start-of-the-year mixer. Girls from Smith, Wellesley and New Haven squeezed through the crowd, coquettishly introducing »
Maggie Breidenthal stands out on a dreary winter day.

Street Style: Staying warm with some color

February 15, 2012
You, your suite mates, and everyone you know wears a Barbour jacket, or some iteration of a black puffer coat. WEEKEND doesn’t blame you, New Haven is cold and you do what you gotta do to stay warm. This week’s Fashion Winner doesn’t settle for the norm to stay warm (see, we can rhyme too!). »

YCBA does the Bard

January 13, 2012
Trying to do Shakespeare justice is hard. Arguably the greatest writer of all time, his work has influenced everything from our modern movies (10 Things I Hate About You, I mean Taming of the Shrew) to the language we speak (he invented something like 1,000 words). This semester, Yale pays homage to the bard through »

YaleDancers: Hotness®

December 2, 2011
Yaledancers is hot. Of course its members are talented, entertaining and artistic. But mainly, they’re hot. They lift, twist and turn effortlessly in their costumes and always remind us that what we were doing at Toad’s last Wednesday night was NOT dancing. Their sassy, diverse and flawlessly executed fall show is a testament to their »