L’as Du Falafel: A hat for Lucy

January 21, 2011
I am at once a young child and an old woman. For a child-granny like me, knitting is the perfect activity: both fun and relaxing, creative and comforting, without being overly stimulating. My love of knitting manifests itself in many ways, not least of all through the “Wool Fix” piggybank sitting on my suite’s bookshelf »


January 14, 2011
From New Haven to Stratford, from Old Greenwich to New Rochelle, the Metro North railway rambles along the Connecticut coast before bidding adieu to the desolate winter landscape and descending into the depths of Midtown Manhattan and Grand Central Terminal. At the center of the city, Grand Central is a nexus of travel flowing with »

Hughes Neghaiwi: The Yale aesthetic

December 3, 2010
During her visit to campus over Thanksgiving break, my sister commented on a distinctive look she had noticed among students at Yale. I was surprised that she had picked up on this so quickly despite the limited number of students on campus. The particularly Yale aesthetic is something I had been thinking about for some »

Beyond the bleachers: a rookie’s guide to the game

November 18, 2010
Don’t like football? We know. The Game is so much more than football — it’s Yale, it’s pride, it’s letting loose after three long months of bench-pressing textbooks and being tackled by midterms. But if mid-game your voice gets hoarse from cheering and you can’t bear to sit on those stone steps any longer, here »

Hughes Neghaiwi: on fashion recognition and pop-up galleries

November 5, 2010
This fall, New Haven is getting a taste of the fashion industry from the art world. Crosby Street Gallery, a pop-up gallery founded in 2009 by artists Julie Chan ’05, Robert Sanchez ’05 and Jeff Badillo, featured an exhibition titled “The Art of Fashion” at its Orange Street location that opened its doors this past »

Hughes Neghaiwi: Fashion rises from recession

October 22, 2010
Consumers and producers worldwide are still feeling the woes of the recession that “ended” last June. After the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, economic remission is coming about at an achingly slow pace. The fashion industry, which is heavily defined through the designs and ideas of its high-end market, has seen buyers cutting »

Moth attracts students with its, er, light

October 8, 2010
Professor Allyson McCabe likes hers both funny and sad, intimate and yet fundamentally, humanly, true. But that’s a matter of personal opinion. This Friday, The Moth, a live storytelling organization based in New York, is coming to Yale with its first-ever college pilot program. A collective idea between Professor McCabe and several students in her »

‘Zoo’ electrifies daring concertgoer

September 10, 2010
If you’re planning on attending next year’s Electric Zoo Festival, please come prepared with raving shoes or dancing boots. If it’s anything like this year’s festival, it is going to be a loud, dusty, crowded and wildly good time. This is certainly not an event for the timid or faint of heart. Hence the need »

Hurricane Earl threatens the Electric Zoo

September 3, 2010
His name is Earl. And he is shaping up to be a massive disappointment to many people. He is loud, boisterous and aggressive, and enjoys pushing his way into parties he is not invited to. Hurricane Earl. Calamity Earl. Potential-killjoy-to-the-Electric-Zoo-Festival-on-Randall’s-Island-this-weekend-that-I-have-been-looking-forward-to-for-a-very-long-time Earl. After developing somewhere north of Puerto Rico this Monday, the hurricane has rapidly been »

‘Iphigeneia’ stunning at sunset

April 9, 2010
On a beautiful spring evening, when the sun is out late and the temperature is warm into the night, there is nothing I’d rather do than be outside. The great thing about going to see “Iphigeneia at Aulis”? It’s outdoors. The play opened yesterday in the courtyard of 220 York St. and will be playing »

Serious Stiller

April 2, 2010
“I’m impressed by you. You seem really fine doing nothing — it’s like you don’t feel all the pressure to be successful.” Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) is doing nothing. And he’s doing nothing to change this. But when he returns to his native L.A. to house-sit while his brother is away on vacation, it becomes »

To the beat of Different Drums

March 26, 2010
When A Different Drum’s dance show, “Criminal Moves,” starts off to six dancers capering across the stage in sweet summer dresses to Ingrid Michaelson’s “You and I,” you know you’re in for a nice deal. The dancers smile while the backdrop varies within the color spectrum of a tequila sunrise, and Ingrid sings, “Maybe I »