Wooster offers cannolis and communion

January 14, 2005 • 0
If Yale students are in the mood for good pizza, they make the trip to Pepe’s or Sally’s. If they feel like some first-rate cannolis, many find their way to Libby’s. But beyond the occasional pilgrimage for these much-lauded New Haven foods, most students do not consider making the half-dozen block trek down Chapel Street. »

Friday night we’re going to party like it’s 1955

November 29, 2004 • 0
On November 29, 1954, a Yale Daily News headline read, “All 48 States Have Students at Yale…” Although there have been some changes since 1954 — notably the addition of two more states to the Union — there have been no breakthroughs in partying. Yalies of the 1950’s may have danced different steps to different »

Schulmeister for Pres. No, really

October 29, 2004 • 0
James Schulmeister ’08 was making his way back from a party around 2 a.m. October 10, when he found out he was running for president. At least, that’s what the flyers said — all 1,500 of them, along with 100 posters. While other students may have been confused about who put the mysterious posters up, »