Theron becomes perfect ‘Monster’

January 23, 2004
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. A dime’s thickness could not fit between the closeness of Charlize Theron’s caricature of Aileen and the real Aileen. Instead, 13 years separate her in Patty Jenkin’s debut film ‘Monster,’ from Nick Broomfield’s 1992 documentary ‘Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer’. »

Tim Burton doesn’t quite reel in a ‘Big Fish’

January 16, 2004
Burton remains without question one of the most progressive directors working in Hollywood today. He has carved a niche for himself somewhere between the mainstream and the avant guard, in that nebulous region of cinema occupied by artists whose worldview is so unconventional that it attains popular appeal. His films consistently challenge the imagination (“Beetlejuice”), »

Wacko Jacko wrote ‘Bad’ for ‘Santa’

December 5, 2003
Seeing “Bad Santa” in full defeats all doubts raised by its trailer. The safe attitude regarding trailers should always be a skeptical one — give all of the movies a thumbs down, and let the critics waste the paper’s money. In particular, for movies campaigning within the Christmas or anti-Christmas subgenre, give them two thumbs »

Jesus waits, ‘Pac is born again

November 21, 2003
“Tupac: Resurrection” is everything you wanted to know about gangsta rap but were too afraid to ask. (As a white person, I know it can be intimidating). Directed by Lauren Lazin, the film spans the all-too-brief life of rap artist Tupac Shakur from his humble beginnings as a struggling actor in Baltimore to his meteoric »

Pro: ‘Revolutions’ will make you squeal and keep you on the edge of your seat

November 14, 2003
There is an important thing to get out of the way. This movie is not about good, Oscar acting. But the fault does not entirely rest upon Keanu or the rest of the cast. The consistent lack of emotion seems to be purposeful. Also, the script leaves the actors little to work with. At worst, »

‘Bill’ is violent, sublime

October 17, 2003
There were 10 in the party. And they should have killed 10. But they killed only nine. “The party” refers to the wedding party of The Bride. “They” refers to the elite squad of female assassins, plus Bill. It is also important to mention that Quentin Tarantino directed the film and that Uma Thurman stars »

Despite a few digressions, ’25th Hour’ spends its time wisely

February 14, 2003
“Monty’s going to prison. He’s a doughnut. He’s a big, fat zero.” In “25th Hour,” even this debriefing gives away the ending. The movie depicts a busted drug dealer as he spends his last free day before a seven-year jail sentence. There is little development considering the action within the film occurs within a 24-hour »

Denzel directs his first with tearful ‘Antwone’

January 17, 2003
Denzel Washington makes a fairly sentimental directorial debut with “Antwone Fisher,” written (both book and screenplay) by the same Antwone Fisher. Of the maybe twenty-in-number audience at York Cinema, at least a fourth clapped at the credits. All five sat together in a row and seemed chummy, so perhaps when one clapped, the other four »