Beitler vs. Lil’ Wayne

October 30, 2009 • 1
You may have heard about Lil’ Wayne. He has a new mixtape out, “No Ceilings,” an album that is basically Weezy’s walking tour through post-Weezy candy rap. No beat is safe: The Pussy Monster remixes tracks ranging from Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.” to shit you didn’t know existed. Very very high lights include: “Watch My Shoes,” in »

Backstage: Meet Randy Ronco and Lindsay Toland

October 30, 2009 • 0
On Halloween and the night after, the Performing Arts Collaborative will stage “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the Playwright. While most moviegoers only know about the 1975 film adaptation, PAC’s actors will present the original “Rocky Horror” stage musical. Don’t worry, though — all the trappings are here: Brad and Janet still wander into »

Backstage: Art Garfunkel

October 23, 2009 • 2
Art Garfunkel visited Yale for a Master’s Tea on Wednesday afternoon. The beloved singer, one half of Simon and Garfunkel (as in “So here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson…”), fielded questions about his most successful songs, his artistic relationship with Paul, and his favorite “guilty pleasures.” The Tea had been very well-attended, with a line for »

Are YOU ready to Teach for America?

September 19, 2008 • 1
David Stanley ’05 has been given 10 minutes to talk to the students of Jay Winter’s “Europe in the Age of Total War” class. As Teach for America’s Yale recruitment director, Stanley works to ensure the best and brightest of the best and brightest apply to work for his employer. Before this lecture hall of »

‘Old Sun’ is ‘Old, son’

September 5, 2008 • 9
Schizoaffective disorder. “A person with schizoaffective disorder may manifest impairments in the perception or expression of reality, most commonly in the form of auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions or disorganized speech and thinking, as well as discrete manic and/or mixed and/or depressive episodes in the context of significant social or occupational dysfunction.” (Wikipedia) Schizoaffective »

Black and ?uestlove return to their Roots

May 1, 2008 • 1
God only knows what was going through Black Thought’s mind during Spring Fling. On stage, the Roots’ MC seemed happy to rock the crowd with hits from the ’90s, covers of “SexyBack” and “Push It” and the antics of some guy with a sousaphone named Tuba Gooding Junior. But on the same day that Black »

playing house

April 4, 2008 • 1
Yale is more invested in its residential-college system now than ever before: Its development will be a defining part of University President Richard Levin’s legacy. But the recent improvements are not cheap. The renovations have cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and if the University proceeds with the building of two new colleges, their cost »

Film Dept. struggles to accommodate all

February 22, 2008 • 0
For her senior film project, film studies major Emily Ferenbach ’09 might make a documentary about Hookers for Jesus, a group that brings the good news to prostitutes all across America. But unfortunately for her, Ferenbach will probably have to do it solo. Concentrating in production in a major that emphasizes critical analysis, Ferenbach said »

Akerman wrong for lovelorn filmsters

February 15, 2008 • 0
Those looking for post-Valentine’s Day comfort should not go to Cinema at the Whitney Friday night. Smack in the middle of The Awful Month, the Whitney’s programmers give us “Toute une nuit,” a 1982 film about romance that is frigid, mechanical and about as romantic as prison. Directed by Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman, “Toute une »

Zelda magic inexplicable, enduring

February 1, 2008 • 0
Why review a new Zelda game? All Zelda games are the same. They’ve been the same since the series began with “The Legend of Zelda” in 1987. And yet with this winter’s release of “The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass” for Nintendo DS, readers drown in yet another slew of reviews that all say the »

3: Robert Quigley

January 18, 2008 • 0
Robert Quigley ’09 has a thing for words. Jesse Day ’09, who heads the New Haven Scrabble Club alongside Quigley, once thought he had his friend beat in a round of Scrabble. The victory would have been noteworthy ­— Day and Quigley are currently ranked as the second- and fourth-best Scrabble players in Connecticut, respectively. »

Never be alone again: Ween are your friends

October 26, 2007 • 0
Ween’s new album defines its listener as soon as that listener rips open the CD wrapping and looks at the booklet. The booklet contains no lyrics or words, but instead has pictures of the band: the band recording “La Cucaracha,” the band goofing around, the band hanging out on the family couch, the band waving »