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First crush, first kiss, indie style: Movies that are more than just fetch

September 13, 2013
Every summer they appear: the popular girls, the dweebs, the best friends; the prom, the big game, the graduation; the first crush, the first kiss, the first love. Although “teen movies” could be defined in many a light, at their core they are films with adolescents as both their subject and a presumed audience. This summer, three teen flicks distinguished themselves as both box office and critical favorites.
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Tarantino’s Violence, Unchained

April 19, 2013
Is “fun” really all that Quentin Tarantino’s films are about? Some seem to think so: this summer, the New York Times described Tarantino as “the master of a new, more whimsical sort of violence.” But perhaps Tarantino is saying something more, even with this very whimsy. He leaves us clues, some subtle and some opaque, that his films are meant to provoke discourse concerning the effusion of violence in today’s media, a violence that leaves viewers callous and jaded.
If Hollywood has its way, cold wars will never be over!

Cold War, Hot Cinema: The Popularity of Paranoia

March 29, 2013
Modern viewers may laugh at the dramatic nature of Cold War era films. Feeling that America has left the Cold War behind, we now tend to look back upon its cultural reflections with something verging on condescension.
Don't we all want this to be our lives?

If Only It Happened Every Night

February 15, 2013
There’s nothing embarrassing about loving a good romcom.
Abe ain't happy with you, girl.

An Epic Fail: Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

January 25, 2013
With twelve academy award nominations under its belt, including those for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay, “Lincoln” seems to have won the opinion of the academy. Yet, the many times I checked my watch during just the first hour of “Lincoln” prompts me to wonder just how captivating of a film it really is. Although the film showcases a beautiful aesthetic permeated by a few strong performances, ultimately, I posit that the film’s flat plot line, distant characters, and lack of emotional upheaval leave the film cinematically vapid, generating a bland history lesson unqualified to win the modern film industry’s most prestigious award.
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The Ides of March: ‘Hot Campaign Sex’ or ‘Misogynist’?

November 9, 2012
Every American who doesn’t live under a rock knows that Mitt Romney once had a binder full of women. By 6 a.m. the morning after Romney made his now infamous remark at the presidential debate, the Facebook page “Binders Full of Women” had 200,000 likes. The Internet exploded with memes parodying his phrase. Entire Tumblr »
Making stuff happen for just so many years (and being cast in stone for it).

A Case for Variation: On Allen and Mozart

October 19, 2012
“It seems to me I’ve heard that song before,” the movie score warbles. “It’s from an old familiar score. I know it well, that melody.” So goes the theme to Woody Allen’s “Hannah and Her Sisters.” But I’m getting ahead of myself. A trip to the Mayo Clinic website today left me with some disturbing »

A case for male strippers

September 28, 2012
Last Sunday, I journeyed to the Critierion to see “Lawless.” I was treated to an evening of excessive violence, a confused and incoherent plotline, and characters so flat that the audience giggled at their supposedly dramatic ends. Perhaps “treated” would be the wrong word. Yet what fascinated and disappointed me most about my evening was »

WEEKEND | Falling in love with ‘Paris’

June 16, 2011
One can’t help but become enraptured by cities when watching Woody Allen films. Allen originally filled his films with adoring shots of New York, but in recent years, he has taken a European turn. Allen’s latest film, “Midnight in Paris,” continues his urban obsession. Witty dialogue, fresh faces and, above all, the city of Paris »