Backstage: Mark Woll

November 7, 2008 • 0
Meet Mark Woll, Chef Teacher BADASS hometown Winchester, N.Y. favorite crepe Cinnamon and powdered sugar. favorite holiday treat Stuffing with sausage and chestnuts. supports obama because “I always wanted to be black as a kid. Almost all my friends were black. I respect people who have to work harder to get where they want to »

FOOD COLUMN | FDR would RRR with the AAAA

October 31, 2008 • 1
Agricultural Attitude Adjustment Act: Let’s call it the AAAA, or quad-A for short. It’ll be the headline of the new presidency, endorsed with vigor by Washington, Lincoln, FDR and JFK. How innovative, too! Four-letter acronyms are in vogue, and the citizenry needs historical grounding. Imagine the presidential debates but, instead of Joe the Plumber, it’s »