David Salle: Painter, director, pomo paragon

March 25, 2011
David Salle’s artistic work is characterized by unexpected and often disquieting combinations of images, some self-generated and some sourced from pop culture or the history of art. His pieces, which have helped to shape the entire postmodern art movement, consist of layered images on massive canvasses. Apart from his paintings, which have been exhibited in »

Rebecca Salter: Painter, printmaker, virtuoso

February 4, 2011
British artist Rebecca Salter is best known for work which gives us a fresh perspective on the traditional Japanese aesthetic. Her new retrospective opening at the Yale Center for British Art, “into the light of things,” presents about 150 works of hers from 1981 until the present. In the heart of the museum, surrounded by »

Responding to Velazquez

January 14, 2011
After months in the Library Storage Facility, Diego Velazquez’s “The Education of the Virgin” is finally on view at the Yale University Art Gallery. Five WKNDers share their thoughts, feelings and doubts about the work. The damage done When I first saw Diego Velazquez’s “The Education of the Virgin,” I couldn’t help but notice the »

In ‘Debut,’ monstrous growing pains

November 5, 2010
“Debut Track One Chord One Verse One (Or, The Shed)” tells the story of a monster. It also tells the story of a teenage girl growing up in a small town. The play is consumed by this reconciling of two seemingly disparate parts: the tension between the mundane and the fantastical. Premiering this Thursday at »