Witty, Logorrheic, Surprisingly Tall

October 28, 2011
On Saturday, comedian Bo Burnham came to Yale to perform as the headliner for this year’s Fall Show. WEEKEND made a last-ditch effort to seduce him before the show in his dressing room, where he opened up about political correctness, self-promotion, Dickens and dick jokes. Q. As a black, gay, retarded woman, I find a »

There’s no such thing as a Free Store

October 21, 2011
It sounded too good to be true: a store where everything cost exactly nothing. But that’s just what you would have found if you walked by 55 Church St., the storefront across from the Rite Aid on the corner of Church and Crown, last summer. This past May, two Yale students, a Cooper Union student, »

Sonic Youth

October 7, 2011
Stephen Feigenbaum ’12 is a classical composer. He has many accolades, such as the ASCAP Young Composer Award. He has received fellowships to the Bowdoin International Music Festival and the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival. His compositions have been performed at the Green Room in San Francisco, Lincoln Center in New York, and in cities across »

Pandemonium at the Palio

August 26, 2011
For a city that lost four-and-a-half centuries ago (Florence won), Siena has a lot of pride. This is because Siena is beautiful, and because Siena is full of Italians. The city is divided into 17 contradas, which are kind of like residential colleges, except much more medieval and even more intense. Twice a year, in »
A moment of tenderness in this ‘cruel,’ cruel world.

‘Animals’ is ‘Cruelty’

April 1, 2011
All happy families are alike; each unhappy family hears explosions in the living room every so often. So suggests “Cruelty to Animals,” a new play by Jerry Lieblich ’11: the first half hour of this living room drama is punctuated every so often by the sound of shattering glass and screams. We are to understand, »