Overwhelmed But Not Without Hope: How Students are Attempting to Improve Mental Health at Yale

January 24, 2014
In his address to incoming freshmen on September 13, newly appointed University President Peter Salovey remarked that one of the “last taboos among Yale students” involves talking about socioeconomic status. “When the issue of money comes up, students are often profoundly uncomfortable,” he said. “To the Class of 2017, I encourage you to be sensitive »
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Overwhelmed: Why Students Are Unhappy with Yale’s System of Mental Health Care

January 17, 2014
55 Lock Street, commonly known as Yale Health among the University’s students, overlooks New Haven’s Grove Street Cemetery, like the Death Star hovered in George Lucas’s night sky. Black and jagged, the building was completed in 2010 after three years of construction. According to a newsletter released by Yale Health that fall, the new health center was 60 percent larger than its predecessor, “with more than double the examination rooms, more space in the diagnostic imaging area, and increased space for minor procedures.” The same pamphlet touted the relocation with the headline: “From a ‘hole in the ground’ to ‘wow;’ Yale Health Center continues great service in a new home.”

Exhibit highlights comic’s serious side

November 5, 2010
When I was a kid, I never understood why my father would have me read Garry Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” comic strip with him every Sunday morning over brunch. Unlike playing catch or watching “Jeopardy!” together, this was a bonding ritual I simply didn’t get. (Truth be told, I much preferred the brightly animated cartoons on television »